VALORANT players in Germany are complaining that “killjoy” doesn’t sound German

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Killjoy is the new agent Riot Games introduced with the launch of VALORANT’s new ACT on patch 1.05.

One of the things that make each agent stand out from the rest is their unique character-specific voice lines. Riot did put in a lot of effort to make all of them sound really unique and fun. Furthermore, each of these voice lines plays a huge role in the actual gameplay as these sound cues can warn players of an incoming attack from a specific agent.

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Even though most of the player base really liked the character, German players are not particularly happy as she doesn’t sound like a German. VALORANT is filled with characters who all have a unique personality. And all of them are from different regions around the world. Consequently, every agent have different accents based on the country they are from.

According to German players, her accent doesn’t sound German at all. Furthermore, her call-outs like “Auf Wiedersehen” apparently sound like a native English speaker trying to say it in German.

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Some players think that Killjoy’s voice lines in the game sound awful. And it seems like she is trying to impersonate a native German speaker. Video games are a medium where players try to get themselves immersed in a whole new world. Voice acting plays a big role in that immersion.

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Since she is from Germany, German players are not happy and think that her voice lines do not represent how a real native German speaks. Even though most of them do claim that her voice acting is very charming but not close enough to the real native German speakers.

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