Ranked matchmaking in VALORANT is in shambles, according to NRG_aceu

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games, aceu

Brandon “aceu” Winn is one of the most mechanically gifted FPS players who switched from Apex Legends to VALORANT as soon as Riot announced the closed beta for the game.

Before Apex Legends, aceu also played professional Counter-strike with pro teams like “Rise Nation” and “eUnited“. Suffices to say that NRG_aceu knows what he is talking about when it comes to tactical FPS games.

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NRG aceu
Image via NRG

According to aceu, the current matchmaking in VALORANT’s ranked mode is in shambles as solo queue players are being paired against five stack players. Furthermore, he claimed that most players’ ranks are inflated. And as a result, the ranked matchmaking is suffering right now.

Aceu shares his frustration with ranked matchmaking:

Courtesy of Twitch.tv/aceu

Since some players are being placed a rank above where they should be, these players are now facing the harsh reality of climbing the ranked ladder. Additionally, VALORANT is a team focused tactical shooter game. No matter how good a player is, if that player constantly gets teammates who are not on this level, at the same time, the opposition is filled with five stacks, even “aceu” can’t carry that weight around his shoulders all the time.

The matchmaking is really tough for solo players if they do not have any dedicated team to grind in the ranked mode. And the matchmaking is currently very uneven and it makes it really hard to solo push.

Although most of the complaints are mainly centered around five stacking. Even though VALORANT’s game director previously claimed that they tweaked the matchmaking so that solo players will not get matches against five stacks with the addition of slightly longer queue time.

However, as it turns out, that is not the case. Solo players are still getting matches with five stacks. Riot needs to revamp the whole matchmaking system so that solo players can get a fair chance to climb the ranked ladder.

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