VALORANT Mobile Beta: Rank up and MVP Animation, Release Date & More

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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Credit: Riot Games

Riot Gaming is expanding on its successful FPS title by introducing VALORANT Mobile. Beta testing is already underway, and some information can now be accessed!

VALORANT was released back in 2020 and caught the player base by storm. Riot had introduced a tactical shooter that was easy to pick up and learn as well as enjoyable to watch and play. Their excellent player count is a testament to the success of their FPS title. Now, Riot is planning to release its Mobile counterpart.

Referred to as Project C (with Project A being VALORANT itself), VALORANT Mobile is undergoing closed beta testing in the China region. Riot is going all out to attract the mobile player base, and it is reflected in their changes and additions to flavor in their mobile version of the game.

Despite the fact that VALORANT entered the beta-testing phase a long time ago, there hasn’t been any follow-up since. However, thanks to recent leaks by some well-known leakers, we now have some up-to-date information about VALORANT Mobile.

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Rank-up and MVP Animation

One of the most noticeable changes is the animation added to the game. Particularly the ones for the rank-up and MVP animations. Players will be delighted to know that Riot is going all in with attracting the huge mobile player base with its latest release. Riot Games will be competing with Call of Duty Mobile, PubgM, Free Fire, and other popular mobile games in the vast Asian region.

Rank up Animation

The mobile version has implemented some eye-catching animations when you rank up from one bracket to another. This is entirely different from the PC version, where only a new screen pops up when you successfully rank up. A similar addition can be found with a new screen that is completely missing from the PC version.

MVP Animation

The PC version of VALORANT has post-game statistics showing all your teammates’ stats, with the MVP in the middle of the screen. However, VALORANT Mobile seems to add a specialized animated segment before the post-game statistics. The MVP’s agent will showcase some action tied to their abilities and flavor in the game.

The overall changes seen in Project C left some players unsatisfied in the PC community. They feel the developers are pouring all their love into the mobile game. There are no reports or indications that any of the new features will carry over to VALORANT PC.

Release Date

Riot hasn’t given any official release date or even a timeframe as to when VALORANT Mobile might be released. 2023 might see the option of an open beta, while the target for release is somewhere around 2024. Riot has also communicated to the public that development for new platforms is going slower than expected

Riot took over development from Tencent and has had to scrap the assets and start anew. This significantly hinders any progress. However, Riot isn’t new in the mobile market. They have already released LoL: Wild Rift. So, we can expect the classic Riot polish and perfection when they eventually release VALORANT Mobile.

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