Leaks Suggest VALORANT Mobile’s Private Beta Testing is Ongoing Under NDA

VALORANT Mobile has been a long-awaited game for mobile gaming enthusiasts. With all the leaks and rumors coming out, it seems like the wait may soon be over.

Riot Games entered the FPS market with the release of VALORANT, previously known as Project A. Although people were skeptical about VALORANT and thought it could not compete with CS: GO and other competitive FPS titles, it proved everyone wrong.

It has been more than two years since VALORANT launched, and the game has never been more popular. So, after massive success in the PC FPS market, Riot Games further decided to enter the mobile gaming market and announced VALORANT Mobile.

Sadly, other than VALORANT Mobile’s announcement, Riot Games hadn’t shared any official release date with the community. So, people have been eagerly waiting for something that would reassure them about VALORANT Mobile’s official release date. However, a new leak has surfaced that may put all the speculation to an end.

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VALORANT Mobile’s Private Beta Testing is Ongoing

A reliable leaker name DannyINTEL recently shared that a VALORANT Mobile playtest is ongoing on Google Play. However, only a limited number of permitted players will be able to download this game as it is currently in a private beta testing phase.

“This is a work-in-progress prototype and you are under NDA to not share any information with anyone outside of Riot or the other F&F participants.”

Judging by VALORANT Mobile’s details, it is confirmed that the game is currently under Private beta testing, and only a few participants are permitted access to it. It also mentions about the NDA and to not share any information with the public.

Nonetheless, it’s very good news for mobile gamers as they may get their hands on the public beta pretty soon. However, unless Riot Games shares any official statement on this, it is hard to say for certain whether everyone will be able to play public beta soon or not.

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