Best Players in VALORANT Champions 2022 Istanbul

Are you curious to find out who were the most dominating players in VALORANT Champions 2022? Don’t worry. We got you covered.

VCT is the VALORANT‘s most prestigious tournament. The best teams from all over the world went against each other in this tournament to earn the title VALORANT Champions. Teams have gone through never-ending battles to reach this pinnacle of VALORANT to take away the title from 15 other teams throughout the world.

16 teams reached the top of the VALORANT and snatched their spots in VALORANT Champions 2022 Istanbul. Every player on each team showed their prowess in VALORANT and defeated some of the best teams in the world to be able to stand on this final stage.

However, naturally, some players are portraying exceptional performances in this tournament. Even after going face to face against the best teams in the world, these players are putting up their best performance. Their unbreakable mental fortitude and nerves of steel have brought them to this stage. This is why they need special recognition.

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This list was updated on September 18, 2022, at 3.00 PM Pacific Time.

Best Players in VALORANT Champions 2022

Here, we’ll list the 10 best players in VALORANT Champions 2022 Istanbul. We will rank these players primarily based on their Rating and Average Combat Score (ACS). Additionally, we’ll also include their K/D ratio, Average Damage per Round (ADR), and Kills Per Round (KPR) for a better understanding of their contribution to their team:

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KiNgg, Yay, and Derke are leading the top players’ list with the highest Rating and Average Combat Score. However, they are not very far ahead of their close rivals like Laz, Smoggy, and Will. They are pretty close in terms of Rating and Average Combat Score.

Apart from them, some of the other best players such as pANcada, Keznit, Mazino, and Zyppan are tried their best to reach the top.

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