Most Picked Agents in VALORANT Champions 2022 Istanbul

Are you curious to find out who the top-picked Agents are in VALORANT Champions 2022 Istanbul? Don’t worry. We got you covered.

VCT is the VALORANT‘s most prestigious tournament. The best teams from all over the world went against each other in this tournament to earn the title VALORANT Champions. Teams have gone through never-ending battles to reach this pinnacle of VALORANT to take away the title from 15 other teams throughout the world.

Like most other hero-shooters, some Agents are preferred over others in VALORANT because of their unique and useful abilities. Other Agents are incapable by no means. However, various aspects such as team composition, meta, maps, and playstyles impact the pick rate for each Agent.

Currently, there are 19 released Agents in VALORANT, with Mage being an upcoming Agent in development. 116 matches were played in VALORANT Champions 2022 Istanbul as of now. However, the Agent pick rate disparity might shock you.

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This list was updated on September 18, 2022, at 3.00 PM Pacific Time.

Most Picked Agents in VALORANT Champions 2022

Here, we’ll list all the Agents from best to worst based on their pick rates in VALORANT Champions 2022. The list will also include the number of matches played for each Agent on both Attacker and Defender sides in the VALORANT Champions 2022 Istanbul.

RankAgentPick RateMatches Played
(Out of 172)
17Cypher 5.81%10
Data via

Even after the nerf, Chamber remains the top-picked Agent with a whopping 67.44% pick rate in VALORANT Champions with 116 total picks. The newest addition, Fade is the second most picked Agent with a 53.49% pick rate. Viper and KAYO/O are the third and fourth most popular Agents with around a 45% pick rate.

Apparently, the Duelists are not the first choice for the teams in VALORANT Champions 2022 as Raze remains the sixth most picked Agent with only a 34.30% pick rate, followed by Jett, who is in the eighth position with only a 31.40% pick rate. The other Duelists are at the very bottom of the list. The middle of the pack holds some of the popular Controller, Initiators, and Sentinels.

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