VALORANT fan came up with the idea for each agent to have unique finishers on the agent contract weapons

These finisher concepts are pretty cool

VALORANT’s cosmetics not only include cool skins but also includes the ability for players to add extra VFX effects to their kill animations and bullets.

A VALORANT fan Zire_the_Rat on Reddit came up with the idea for each agent to have individual finishers that would fit the theme of that agent. As of now, you can only unlock new kill animations only if you buy those expensive weapon bundles. Without them, there is no way for players to get any cool VFX animations except maybe the agent selection menu.

Image via Riot Games

Agent finisher concept:

Sage – enemy turns to crystal and shatters

Raze – paint explosion

Sova – lightning owl strike

Phoenix – enemy burnt to ash

Cypher – digitized effect

Omen – consumed by the void

Brimstone – mini orbital strike

Viper – dissolved in acid

Breach – rock fissure

Reyna – enemy’s soul leaves body

Jett – tornado effect

Adding these custom agent-specific finishers to the agent contract weapons would be really cool. Since each agent in the game has very unique utilities and personalities, these finishers would go so well with the theme of VALORANT.

Furthermore, Riot did put in a lot of effort into their story department as well. There is already pretty good lore in the game. Like what is the “Radianite” and what are those glowy green boxes doing all over the map.

The addition of these agent-specific finishers would give these agents an extra layer of depth. Hope Riot Games actually takes this into consideration for their upcoming big updates.

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