A number ranking system in VALORANT is currently in the works confirmed by the game director

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot recently introduced ranked matchmaking for the first time in VALORANT. Although they did test it out during the closed beta phase.

The VALORANT community was asking for the ranked matchmaking ever since the game officially launched back on June 2nd. However, the release of ranked matchmaking was also filled with hurdles as Riot had to postpone its initial release date a couple of times.

As soon as the ranked matchmaking was live, VALORANT players began their journey up the ranked ladder. Furthermore, there were a lot of viewers who tuned into Twitch to witness their favorite VALORANT streamer dominate the game at a high level.

VALORANT new rank mode
Image via Riot Games

Right after some players got the highest rank in this game, which was changed from Valorant to Radiant, it was pretty apparent that something was clearly missing from the ranked system. As of now, there is no number ranking system in the High ELO. As a result, you can’t really tell the exact ranking of your favorite pro player/streamer.

VALORANT’s game director addressed the matter

VALORANT’s game director finally replied after some fan asked him if there ever will be a number to the top-ranked players just in like League of Legends. In League, the leaderboard clearly shows all the top rank Challenger players along with their current rank within these top players. There is an extra layer of accomplishment if you can somehow snag a top ten position within these rankings.

A similar system just like League of Legends ranking system is actually in the works right now confirmed by the game’s director. Although he did specify that there is no solid release date for that at the moment. Therefore, players who wanted a number ranking system can rest now.

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