VALORANT players want Riot to add more maps instead of agents in the game

Players want Riot to add more maps in the game

In the recent VALORANT Dev diaries, Anna Donlon the executive producer on VALORANT announced that Riot is planning on releasing at least six agents per year.

Right after the announcement, the whole community started to debate whether or not adding six agents every year is too much for the game. Some players think that Riot should give each agent more time to flourish instead of introducing a new agent every two months.

Valorant Maps
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Right now the VALORANT players are asking Riot to add more new maps instead of agents in the game. As of now, there are four playable maps in the game. And each of them has something unique to make them stand apart from the rest. Like Haven has three bomb sites, Bind has two teleports on the map, etc.

Should Riot add more maps in the game?

While all of these maps are quite unique, there just aren’t enough of them right now. Most of the players in the VALORANT community agree that this game needs more maps. However, VALORANT’s executive producer claimed that they are going for memorable maps instead of just dumping forgettable ones with every new update.

According to Riot, just adding new maps that people don’t really want to play will cause a lot more trouble for them. That is why they are planning on adding maps that will have a profound impact on players when they first play on them.

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Since Riot enabled ranked mode in VALORANT, players are already feeling burned out with just playing these four maps over and over again. The common consensus in the community now is that players want more memorable maps in the game.

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