VALORANT: Elderflame gun skins are emitting weird “screeching” sounds

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

The ElderFlame skin bundle was the first ultra-premium tier of cosmetic items in VALORANT.

The announcement and its subsequent release were meet with a lot of uproar from the VALORANT community. Many players pointed out the ridiculous price of this bundle. Whereas some were more concerned about how it will affect the completive aspect of the game.

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Some of the professional VALORANT players showed their concern over the fact that these skins were a little bit too distracting. However, there were still a lot of players who absolutely loved what Riot Games have done with the ELDERFLAME collection. Riot literally made the gun a living breathing cosmetic item that players can purchase using real-world money.

ElderFlame skin sound glitch:

Right now a weird glitch in VALORANT is affecting the ElderFlame skin bundle. Some of the guns in the bundle are showcasing weird behavior. Apparently, the ElderFlame Vandal skin is emitting weird “screeching” noise.

Basically, it looks like some sort of weird bug or glitch is making the dragon roar sound effect to loop over and over again. Consequently, it is creating distractions while in the game. Some players in the community think that this is directly affecting the competitive integrity of the game.
Clip via u/fsychii

Riot Games should patch them out soon as it is directly harming the game. Another complaint regarding the ElderFlame skin is that it is affecting players with motion sickness. Especially when playing with the operator some players have complained about how it sways in their peripheral vision.

Elderflame skin motion sickness
Image via Riot Games
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Riot needs to take a serious look at the problems players are facing while using these skins.

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