VALORANT dev responds to the singularity Phantom having a longer equip animation

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

VALORANT is a free-to-play tactical shooter where gunplay is the main priority followed by all the utilities.

Riot Games heavily marketed VALORANT to be a highly competitive Esports title with a major focus on competitive integrity. Since VALORANT is free to play, Riot insisted upon selling cosmetic items like weapon skins to recoup their operating cost.

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Therefore, it is really crucial for Riot to maintain balance at all times while making these cosmetic items as they can interfere with the competitive integrity of VALORANT.

Singularity Phantom has a longer equip animation?

clip via u/Asomboy4

However, a player in the VALORANT community with a really keen eye for details pointed out a major issue with a weapon skin in the game. A Reddit user with the username u/Asomboy4 revealed that the singularity phantom might have a slightly longer equip animation than all the other phantom skins.

Dev responds

Following this claim, one of the developers at Riot Games reached out to further examine the issue.

The dev combined both equip animation clips on top of each other to take a closer look at exactly what was going on. And turns out, there might be some merit to the claim as the dev didn’t completely dismiss the idea of a possible delay in the equip animation.

Clip via u/oniram177

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Since this could be a potential game-breaking glitch, the dev assured everyone that Riot will take a second look at the original files to confirm whether or not there is an actual delay.

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