VALORANT Dev Hinted On a Fracture Rework Coming Soon

In a recent video from the official PlayValorant TikTok, a VALORANT dev hinted at a potential Fracture rework already in development.

VALORANT is a tactical shooter inspired by CS: GO and Overwatch. Although people were initially skeptical about VALORANT’s success, it eventually made a strong standing in the FPS genre. The game gained constant popularity for its gameplay, Agent-based abilities, exciting lores, and beautiful visuals of the characters and maps.

All Agents and Maps in VALORANT have unique features and backstories. Currently, there are 19 released Agents and eight total maps in the game. Among them, Pearl is the latest addition to the current VALORANT map pool.

Each map in VALORANT features distinctive designs and architecture. However, not all maps are very popular for their unique structures. Take Fracture, for instance. It’s been almost a year since Fracture made its debut, but players are still not very fond of the map because playing it doesn’t feel enjoyable.

So players have been asking Riot Games to rework the map for a long time. Previously, the developers had been pretty silent about the future plans related to Fracture. But finally, they hinted at an upcoming Fracture rework that’ll make the map more competitive and enjoyable.

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Why Fracture Doesn’t Work Like Other Maps?

In a recent PlayValorant’s TikTok video, Joe Landsform, the Level/Game Designer of VALORANT responded to many unanswered questions related to Fracture and its future plan. He started the video by responding with how the developers want to always visualize every new map with a “gameplay goal” in mind.


Why is Fracture different? 🤔 Joe Lansford explains. #VALORANT

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This means that with every map, they want to change some aspects of the gameplay that’ll not feel very repetitive to players. Similarly, they wanted to play with the “neutral space” in the Fracture map. Neutral space is the area of the map which usually does not belong to the Attackers or the Defenders.

Both sides usually fight for this neutral space to gain more control of the map and crucial information. Usually, this neutral space control is more favorable to Attackers. But, According to Joe, they wanted to put pressure on the Defenders to take more control of this neutral space to gain momentum in Fracture.

However, their plan for Fracture didn’t clearly go how they thought it would, as Fracture still remains one of the hated maps, if not the most hated map in VALORANT. Nonetheless, it might be changing very soon.

Fracture Rework Coming Soon

Credit: Riot Games

In the video, Joe Landsform also explained VALORANT’s future plan with the Fracture map. It seems like they are not ready to give up on the map yet. Instead, they’ll give it a makeover to make the map more viable.

“So, Fracture is out for a year now. We’re working on a couple of changes right now. I’m not gonna spoil too much. But the high-level theme is some general quality of life changes across the map. Maybe make A site a little more defensible, maybe some changes around dish to make that area a little more usable for both teams: Attack and Defense”, Joe said in the video.

It indicates that they are aware of the issues with the map Fracture and are willing to make changes to bring it back to life. They have also given us some hints on what to expect from the rework.

If everything goes according to his statement, we will see some major changes in Fracture, especially in the A site and the Dish area. Maybe they’ll make the Dish area broader and more open so players can engage in open gunfights instead of lurking around.

In any case, the Fracture rework is a great initiative from Riot Games to make the map more competitive and enjoyable to play for all types of players. Although they haven’t released an official notice on when to expect the Fracture rework, the change may come as soon as the Champions 2022 ends.

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