G2 Lothar Reveals a New Yoru Technique “The Dashblock” in VALORANT

G2 Lothar shows his viewers and fans a neat little trick with Yoru that can possibly win you a crucial round in VALORANT.

VALORANT is a 5v5 tactical shooter by Riot Games, the same company that introduced League of Legends. The basic gameplay of VALORANT is based on its Agents and their abilities. So, it is the Agents who control the game’s momentum.

Because there are so many Agents’ abilities and possibilities, a lot can happen in VALORANT. Thousands of players frequently discover new tips and tricks for various Agents, Maps, and abilities. Players can leverage these tricks to create amazing content and highlights.

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New Yoru Tactic “The Dashblock”

Jakub Szygulski, more commonly known as Lothar, is a commentator, analyst, and streamer for G2 Esports. He regularly streams on his Twitch and has a huge following. Recently, he shared one of his Yoru clips on the VALORANT Reddit community and showed them a neat little trick to try with Yoru.

While playing Ascent A site, he heard multiple footsteps coming towards him, followed by a Skye flash. He saw five enemies coming toward him and told his teammates they were coming to A. The good thing is he had his Ultimate ready and immediately went into Yoru’s dimension.

That should have already been a job well done by him, Right? Well, Lothar had more to offer. He stayed at the A entrance point and stood in front of the enemies. At the same time, Jett tried to Dash inside the A site and got blocked by Yoru’s Ultimate form.

He delayed his opponents long enough, giving his teammates enough time to rotate from another site. Unfortunately, they lost the round later on. But it was a neat trick to remember for Yoru mains as it may come in handy in critical situations. Also, if you get blocked as a Jett main while enemy Yoru is in Dimensional Drift, at least now you’ll know what hit you.

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