Shroud Explains Why Phantom is Better Than the Vandal in VALORANT

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: Riot Games/ Shroud/ Sentinels

Phantom and Vandal are the two popular Rifles in VALORANT. However, Shroud prefers the Phantom over Vandal.

VALORANT is a 5v5 tactical shooter Agents’ abilities meet the precise gunplay. The game is heavily inspired by Counter Strike: Global Offensive which has a pretty similar sets of weapons in the game.

Currently, there are 17 weapons in VALORANT, excluding the melee. Among them, there are 12 Primary weapons and 5 Firearms available in the game. Despite of having so many options available, only Phantom and Vandal are viable in full-buy round situations.

Well, you can also go for an Operator, but it will cost you an extra 1600 Credits! Additionally, the Operator doesn’t give you the freedom of movement and the advantage to fight in close-medium range battles. So, Vandal and Phantoms are players’ go-to options in all sorts of scenarios. But which one of these is better? Shroud has his opinion to share.

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Shroud Thinks Phantom is Better Than the Vandal

Vandal and Phantom are both excellent Primary Rifles with their specific pros and cons. While Vandal gives you a one-headshot-kill potential, Phantom, on the other hand, gives you more accurate and easy to spray control.

However, like many other pros, Shroud is also a fan of Phantom in VALORANT. Throughout his time in the game, he praised Phantom so many times, that it is unbelievable. In this clip, you can see Shroud getting a pretty effortless 4k in 4 seconds with Phantom showing why he loves Phantom.

Shroud’s teammates went crazy after he displayed his prowess with the gun. “That’s why you buy the Phantom, okay! I promise you Vandal can’t work like that.”, Shroud said. Not only this time, but Shroud has also glorified Phantom time and time again in his VALORANT career.

Clearly, Shroud prefers Phantom over Vandal and his gameplays are there to back him up. But what’s your choice? Vandal or Phantom?

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