VALORANT Dev Dismisses Shroud’s Losers Queue Theory

VALORANT dev has made a response to the infamous clip of Shroud that hints at the existence of a potential “Losers Queue” in the game.

Michael Grzesiek, more commonly known by his online moniker Shroud, was a former Professional CSGO player who now plays competitive VALORANT for Sentinels. Recently, a clip of him discussing the existence of a potential “Losers Queue” has gone viral on social media platforms.

In the Clip, Shroud was seen discussing with his ranked teammates if they all lost a couple of games in a row. In response, all of them stated that they had lost the last couple of matches. Since Shroud was also facing a losing streak as well, he came to the conclusion that “Losers Queue” might be a thing where VALORANT’s matchmaking puts players who are losing consecutive matches into the same lobby.

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In short, Losers Queue is a concept that originated from the game League of Legends. The concept basically means that if players are on a losing streak, while matchmaking, they are more likely to share the same team with other players who are also on a losing streak.

The idea is also widespread as Winners/ Losers Queue. It mainly became a thing when pro players and content creators started mentioning it more in the past year through their content. Since then, it started to spread like a plague.

VALORANT Dev Debunks Losers Queue Theory

While it may sound plausible after losing a couple of matches in a row due to subpar teammates, a VALORANT dev has already explained that Losers Queue isn’t a real thing in VALORANT. According to EvrMoar, Senior Competitive Designer at Riot Games, “losing matches consecutively is one of the main reasons players quit; because of this reason, there is no ‘Losers Queue’ in VALORANT.”

So, turns out, the popular VALORANT fan theory regarding the existence of a Losers Queue was a myth after all. But even a statement directly from the horse’s mouth wasn’t enough to totally dismiss the issue as some hard-stuck players still believe it is actually a thing.

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