TenZ’s Collaboration With Finalmouse Starlight Grossed $7.6M Within 3 Hours

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: Finalmouse

Tenz recently had a collaboration with Finalmouse and introduced the Starlight Pro. Within few hours of TenZ making the announcement, the Starlight was completely sold out from the store.

TenZ is one of the most influential personalities in the VALORANT community. He is currently playing under Sentinels, a reputed organization in North America and is considered one of the world’s best players. TenZ is also a content creator with a huge following on Twitch and other social platforms.

If you are a gamer or a fan of TenZ, you must have heard of the brand Finalmouse. Finalmouse is one of the pioneers of lightweight mice in the industry, and they make quite brilliant mice used by many pros, including TenZ.

Finalmouse has a quite variety of mice under their brand, and they often collaborate with content creators and pros to market their product to the audience. This time, Finalmouse collaborated with TenZ and introduced a new variety of Starlight Pro.

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TenZ’s Finalmouse Grossed $7.6M With Starlight Pro Within 3 Hours

On July 18, 2022, TenZ made an announcement of his collaboration with Finalmouse on Twitter. Like other Finalmouse versions, the new Starlight Pro – TenZ edition has a similar design but with improved features.

The Starlight Pro – TenZ has a new and better chassis made of magnesium alloy. Because of its base structure, the mice still weigh 40gm even after having the next-gen wireless functionality. On the same day, Tyson made another post on his Twitter, and surprisingly, every single unit of the mouse was already sold out.

According to Prodigy Agency (TenZ’s representation agency), there were a total of 40,000 units for Starlight Pro – TenZ, and every unit sold out within only 3 hours.

The agency further shared, “It’s a groundbreaking deal, and probably by far the biggest for an active esports player in the world. it’s real proof that esports players can actually SELL products.”

TenZ was happy and delighted with the outcome of his collaboration with Finalmouse. He shared his gratitude to his fans for their love and support. TenZ is also willing to involve in collaboration with Finalmouse in the future.

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