Riot Dev Hints a Potential Nerf Coming For Chamber in Upcoming VALORANT Patch

After Chamber’s dominating performance in VALORANT Copenhagen Masters, Riot finally gives a “hint” of potential chamber nerf very soon.

VALORANT is a tactical shooter inspired by CS:GO and Overwatch. Riot Games tried its best to implement a mixture of ability-based gameplay and skilled shooting mechanism into VALORANT. Thus, the Agents were introduced in this game.

There are currently 19 available Agents, with Fade being the latest character in the game. The characters in VALORANT are divided into four categories: Duelist, Controller, Sentinel, and Initiator, and every Agent in the game specializes in their designated roles. The same goes for Sentinel Agents.

According to VALORANT, “Sentinels are defensive experts who can lock down areas and watch flanks, both on attacker and defender rounds.” On the other hand, Chamber defies some reasoning of what a Sentinel character must be.

He is not only good as a defender, but his current abilities also make him one of the most powerful offensive Agents even compared to the Duelists in the game. Even though Chamber recently got a nerf in the 4.09 patch, it wasn’t nearly enough to balance the character in the current meta. However, things might change very soon.

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Riot Devs Hints a Potential Chamber Nerf

As mentioned earlier, Chamber seems too strong in the current meta compared to other Agents. He is currently a meta-character and the most versatile Agent in the game. A recent stats from VALORANT Copenhagen Masters also shows the same.

Chamber has a whopping 80% pick rate in the VALORANT Masters Copenhagen, followed by Raze, who falls behind Chamber by a 30% margin. This event led fans and others to believe that Chamber needs an immediate nerf to shift the meta and balance the game.

The same topic arose in a VALORANT competitive thread where fans were discussing the current state of Chamber and how he is unbalanced, and even then, Riot may not nerf him soon enough. However, a Riot dev and VALORANT designer named “Penguin” assured fans by giving an obvious “hint” of an upcoming Chamber nerf.

a Reddit user named Remarkable_Carrot102 commented in the same thread, “Knowing riot we’ll probably go at least 3 patches with no changes to him because they still think the original nerf actually did anything to him.” in reply, penguinVALORANT said, “nah.”

It indicates that Riot already has plans to nerf Chamber very soon. He also mentioned in the comment that the changes will be there to balance the characters and not to “destroy them.” So, we can only hope to see a balanced Chamber in VALORANT.

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