Shroud Gets Surprised After Learning About The “Losers Queue” In VALORANT

While playing a recent VALORANT match, Shroud learns about the “Losers Queue” in VALORANT and finds himself in a state of shock.

Losers Queue is a concept that originated from the game League of Legends. The concept basically means that if players are on a losing streak, while matchmaking, they are more likely to share the same team with other players who are also on a losing streak.

The idea is also widespread as Winners/ Losers Queue. It mainly became a thing when pro players and content creators started mentioning it more in the past year, through their content. Since then, it started to spread like a plague.

It is a well-known concept in VALORANT and the League of Legends community, and many people actually believe it to be true. Likewise, Shroud, an ex-professional CS: GO player and a popular content creator, recently discovered this theory in a VALORANT match and found himself in disbelief.

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Shroud Learns About The “Losers Queue”

Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek is a famous content creator with a massive follower base. He recently started spending a lot of time playing VALORANT, and he seems to be enjoying it a lot. However, while playing the game, a particular chat by his follower caught his attention.

One of his followers named itsrawkus, tells Shroud in the chatbox “once u start losing, VALORANT loves to place u in loser queue so it doesn’t get better till the next day TBH.” Shroud did not believe this statement made by his follower at first and gets pretty surprised by it.

He tries to understand why VALORANT would do such a thing as it would only contribute to more issues to the players, experiencing losses in a row. However, thinking about it more, things started to make more sense to him.

To confirm Loser Queue’s existence, Shroud then asks his teammates if they had lost previous matches. And, their answer was a huge “yes”. On top of that, his teammates already realized that Shroud was trying to figure out if Losers Queue was real.

After listening to his teammates, even Shroud started to believe that it is in fact a thing, and it actually started to piece together for him. Though Riot Games has never mentioned this in their matchmaking system, many pros and content creators think it exists in the game.

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