Valkyrie’s “Counter Productive” Nerf May Have Been Cancelled, According to an Apex Legends Dev

Valkyrie is one of the most controversial legends in the current Apex Legends meta. Though she was supposed to receive a potential nerf, Apex devs might have backed off from doing so right now.

Apex Legends officially introduced Valkyrie in Season 9: Legacy. After her release, Valkyrie instantly became popular among the Apex Legends community because of her versatile abilities. She is originally a Recon character, but her powers are even comparable to the best Offensive Legends’.

Valkyrie’s abilities give her movement advantage over many others. Her capability to take any high ground is out of the world. She can also replace any Offensive Legend pretty easily. There aren’t many Legends who are as versatile as Valkyrie.

Because of this, Valkyrie was already under consideration for a potential nerf by the Apex devs. The huge pick rate of Valkyrie in the ALGS added more to the reason why Valkyrie needed an immediate change. And, they were already on their way to adjust Valkyrie to make her pick rate lower. However, they pulled the plug at the final minute.

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Valkyrie Nerf May Have Been Cancelled

Many players, including the pros, have been asking Respawn to nerf Valkyrie for a long time as she seems too strong in the current meta. Additionally, Respawn developers even gave some hints on Valkyrie’s forthcoming nerf.

But, a recent reply from JayBiebs, a producer of Apex Legends, confirmed that they have canceled one of Valkyrie’s potential nerf in the game. Though Respawn was on its way to remove Valkyrie’s Survey Beacon scan ability, they eventually canceled it because it would make her counter productive.”

However, JayBiebs only spoke of keeping Valkyrie’s scan ability unharmed. In any case, it may also be true that they have other plans to change Valkyrie’s abilities to balance her out. Much information is still in the dark, so it is still unclear whether Valkyrie will actually receive any adjustment in the future update.

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