V Rising: Best Locations to Farm Quartz

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Credit: Stunlock Studios

V Rising has a pretty in-depth crafting system. And one of the crafting materials is Quartz. Quartz is used for many different items. Here is how you can get Quartz in V Rising.

You control a vampire who has woken up after centuries of sleep in V Rising. But naturally, he is pretty weak after waking up. So you will have to defeat enemies and consume their blood to become stronger.

But killing enemies is not the only thing you have to do in V Rising. You will also need to build your base and craft different items to maintain and decorate the base. V Rising has one of the better crafting systems you can find.

Among the many crafting items, one of the items is Quartz. Quartz is used to make all kinds of glassware. You will also need Quartz for windows in your castle. So it is an important item in the game. Here is how you can farm Quartz in V Rising.

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Best Locations to Farm Quartz in V Rising

Quartz is mainly found in the Dunley Farmland area. Hovering over an interest point on the map will show you what kind of loot you can get from the area. Here is a map of the Dunley Farmland showing all the quartz locations.

Quartz location in V Rising
Credit: Stunlock Studios

Among the Dunley Farmland, Dunley Monastery and Mosswick Village are good quartz farming locations. They are also close, making it even easier to farm the Quartz from the area.

Another good location for Quartz is the Dawnbreak Village. This village is on the left side of the map, which is further from the previous two locations. But Dawnbreak Village also has some good Quartz drops that are good for farming.

Alternating between these three areas is the most effective way to farm Quartz. But there are a few random quartz spots on the map. You can also collect those if you are in desperate need of them.

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