Tracking the Rank 1 player from each server in League of Legends Season 10

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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We will be tracking the Rank 1 players from all the major and minor regions in League of Legends.

Ranked is League of Legends’ competitive game mode where ten players fight for LP. Players earn LP points by winning a game which helps them climb the ladder, they can also lose LP if they lose a game. Although how much they earn or lose totally depends on their MMR.

There are currently nine ranked tiers in League of Legends from Iron to Challenger. And Challenger is the highest pick a player can achieve. How many people can be on Challenger also varies from region to region, on the smaller server, there are only 50 where bigger servers have 300 challengers.

Here in this article, we will be tracking the very best players from each server who are not only Challenger but also Rank 1 in their specific region.

We will be updating the list once in every three days. (Last updated: 15/06/2020)


  • DWG ShowMaker – current LP: 1,659. Mid Lane main, DWG ShowMaker.

ShowMaker also holds the rank 2 as well, making him rank 1 & 2 on Korean server.


  • C9 Zven – current LP: 1,680. Main Role: ADC, C9 ZVENNN.


  • Bjorn lronside – current LP: 1,509. Main Role: Mid Lane, Bjorn lronside.


  • GLOWING v2 – current LP: 1,208. Main Role: Mid Lane, GLOWING v2.


  • Clover – current LP: 1,153. Main Role: Top Lane, Clover.


  • gunkrab – current LP: 1,087. Main Role: ADC, gunkrab.


  • the skinwalker – current LP: 1,614. Main Role: Top Lane, the skinwalker.


  • Hachi – current LP: 1,588. Main Role: Top Lane, Hachi.


  • NimoTV Pancake – current LP: 1,724. Main Role: Varity, NimoTV Pancake.



  • hi im gosu – current LP: 1,647. Main Role: Jungle, hi im gosu. .

ali ahmed akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
Ali Ahmed Akib is the Co-Founder and Editor-in-chief of GameRiv. Akib grew up playing MOBA titles, especially League of Legends and is currently managing the editorial team of GameRiv.