Dr. Mundo is getting “A Medical License to Kill” with his new Rework

Dr. Mundo is finally getting his rework in 2021 while keeping his simplicity in-game, Riot Games confirms.

Last week, Riot Reav3 confirmed that Dr. Mundo is the next champion to receive Visual and Gameplay (VGU) update. After the announcement, a lot of players have been discussing on Reddit about why Riot chose Dr. Mundo for this rework instead of Udyr or Shyvana.

But, today, one the latest dev post, Riot Games confirmed that they picked Dr. Mundo because of how “dated his visuals have become.”

The devs feel Mundo’s “super-tank regeneration” and “the ability to constantly chuck cleavers” will work even in his new look, thus, they are planning to keep them in his update.

Dr. Mundo rework model

“Another major goal for Mundo’s gameplay is to keep him a very simple champion.” Riot Games said. “We want to build more mastery into his kit, but not the kind of mastery that will suddenly require you to have lightning-fast reflexes, so expect his kit complexity to stay pretty similar.”

Riot is also planning to go give Mundo A Medical License to Kill by making him an actual doctor or a mad scientist, more precisely.

Although they didn’t reveal Mundo’s kit, they shared one of their experiment that includes a chain-reacting corpse explosion. But they later felt that the changes only made him more like a “magey” top laner and not a tank.


While keeping his super-tank regeneration, Riot is now also planning to give opponents more counterplay options against Mundo. They want to expend Mundo’s gameplay variance beyond landing cleavers and make him fit in the modern era of League.

Riot plans to reveal more information regarding Dr. Mundo’s rework at the end of this year while he is scheduled to release in 2021.

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