Toxic Apex Legends fan calls out a dev for not being “Apex predator”

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Fans of the online FPS genre of video games can sometimes go a bit overboard with their passion, and that may lead to some toxicity.

Since nowadays most video game developers are online, they sometimes have to deal with some unreal expectations regarding their job. A similar thing happened to Moy Parra who is the principal animator at Respawn Entertainment working on Apex Legends.

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A toxic fan called him out on his gameplay for being mediocre even though he works with animations at Respawn. Game developers do not need to have the best skills in gaming to create amusing masterpieces.

Dev called out by a toxic fan

Someone really went to his YouTube channel and commented “Diamond at best” on his gameplay. What most toxic fans don’t realize is how many developers actually work on a game simultaneously, and on top of that, most video game developers don’t have to be top-tier competitors like an “Apex Predator” to be really competent at their job.

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Video game developers who don’t directly work on game balance or coding sometimes have to deal with “you are not a real dev” comment from toxic fans. Every part of the game like animation, story, sounds, etc plays an important role in making a game feel complete. If one of the parts is incomplete, the whole game becomes unplayable proving animators are also real developers.

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