Top Apex Predator players on Xbox has been banned for using DDoS attacks to crash servers

The number 4th and 6th ranked Apex predator players on the Xbox platform have been permanently banned by Respawn for using DDoS attacks that caused many server crashes.

Recently a new trend emerged among hackers to use DDoS attacks as soon as they get knocked in a ranked game. Meaning these exploiters would intentionally use DDoS attacks to crash Apex Legends’ servers to avoid getting demoted from their top spot.

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This sort of crashes became widespread especially in high ELO lobby like Masters and Predator. As a result, it was almost impossible for players to climb the ranked ladder. Things were really bad in the Xbox servers as video evidence provided by some players clearly shows that some top Apex Predator players on the platform were behind those DDoS attacks.

Top Apex Predator players caught on stream

The clip revealed that as soon as players knocked these top predators on Xbox, the server would immediately crash afterward. Later, this clip garnered a lot of attention from the Apex Legends community. Many rallied to have these abusers banned from the game altogether.

Following many complaints from the community, Respawn quickly made the decision to ban these DDoS attackers from Apex Legends after a thorough investigation. Previously, Hideouts who is a security analyst at Respawn mentioned that DDoS attackers are getting targeted in a new ban wave.

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This is not a one-time incident as cheaters have used many creative techniques to work their way up the ranked ladder in the past. It was only a matter of time before these abusers got what they deserved.

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