Titanfall Fan Thinks Mixtape is the Best Thing Respawn Created in Apex Legends

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By Nazmul Hassan
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Even after Apex’s 4-year release, many players don’t find BR to be that engaging. So, they think the Mixtape playlist is Respawn’s best creation.

Apex Legends is a Battle Royal game developed by Respawn and a sequel to the ever-popular Titanfall franchise. The game also shares the same universe as Titanfall. So, many characters, stories, weapons, and lores from Apex Legends are directly connected and inspired by Titanfall.

The Titanfall fans and players from different FPS, Battle Royal, and Hero Shooter genres joined together and created a loyal player base for the game. As a result, the game has become a playground for over 130 million players since its release.

However, despite the game’s popularity, not every player accepted the game equally. The difference in gameplay mechanics and features forced many Titanfall and FPS enthusiasts to dislike the true essence of Apex Legends, which is the Battle Royal.

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Is Mixtape a Great Titanfall Alternative?

When the news broke out that there’d be no Titanfall 3, fans were quite upset. Moreover, Respawn also canceled the potential single-player Apex Legends game that both Titanfall and Apex Legends fans were eagerly waiting for.

As a result, Apex Legends remains the only go-to option for all the Apex Legends and Titanfall fans considering the current state of Titanfall servers. So, this is where the Mixtape playlist comes in clutch.

Apex Legends introduced Mixtape in Season 16. Since then, the playlist has remained immensely popular among non-BR enthusiasts. And many even believe that Mixtape is the best thing Respawn has done for the Titanfall fans.

After watching the Reddit clip shared by RennatsWasTaken, other Titanfall fans joined the comment section sharing similar opinions regarding the Mixtape playlist.

The Mixtape playlist is going to be even better in Season 17. Instead of forcing an LTM for others to play, Respawn gives the community the power to choose their favorite LTM to be included in the very first in-game event of Season 17 Arsenal.

So, vote for your favorite LTM among Control, TDM, or Gun Run, and you might be able to play it to your heart’s content throughout the duration of the event.

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