Apex Legends Single Player Game in the Titanfall Universe has Allegedly Been Canceled by EA

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By Nazmul Hassan
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Recent news has uncovered that EA secretly canceled the Apex Legends single-player sequel sharing the Titanfall universe.

The highly anticipated Apex Legends single-player game in the Titanfall universe has allegedly been canceled in secret by EA, as reported in a recent article by Bloomberg. A devastating blow to Apex Legends and Titanfall fans alike.

Despite EA’s absence of official confirmation, there have been several indications, leaks, and rumors about this game. Regardless, it looks like fans will have to give up on a Titanfall or Apex Legends sequel for a while.

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Titanfall x Apex Legends Single Player Sequel Quietly got Canceled

EA has been struggling with its revenue in the current quarter, as suggested by the Financial Report shared by the company on January 31, 2023. EA has also announced the demise of Apex Legends Mobile alongside Battlefield Mobile, which was in development.

And now, the fans are hit with yet another upsetting news regarding the upcoming Apex Legends x Titanfall single-player game. According to Bloomberg, the canceled project was codenamed “Titanfall Legends.”

“The canceled project, code-named TFL or Titanfall Legends, was a single-player game set in the universe shared by the Apex Legends and Titanfall games. It was directed by veteran designer Mohammad Alavi until he left the company in early 2022. Although the game hadn’t been advertised, EA had hinted at it several times,” Bloomberg specified.

There were about 50 people behind the development of this highly anticipated title. According to Bloomberg, EA will try to find positions for them within the company. However, anyone without a suitable position will be laid off and given severance packages.

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