Apex Legends Permanent Gamemode “Mixtape” Will Include Control, TDM & Gun Run

Respawn is adding a new mode to the Apex Legends permanent playlists called “Mixtape.” Here, we’ll explain everything about this mode.

Apex Legends Season 15 was quite lackluster content-wise. Apart from a new map and a new legend, not much content was introduced, and players were pretty disappointed with how the overall season turned out. But the leaks and rumors that surfaced during the season gave players reason to be hopeful about the changes that are coming in Season 16.

As the developers have explained, the game will go through a massive overhaul. Apart from the complete class rework, many other changes will take over Season 16. Likewise, Apex Legends is going to receive a new mode in the playlist.

The new playlist in Season 16 will have a new game mode called TDM. It will be added to the game as soon as Revelry goes live and will be a part of the Mixtape playlist. However, there’s more to Mixtape than just TDM.

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Mixtape Playlist Mixtape Explained

TDM will be replacing Arenas in Season 16. This news was leaked way back in Season 15. However, Respawn is not just swapping Arenas with TDM. Instead, they are introducing a whole new playlist called Mixtape.

The Mixtape topic starts at 2:17

The Mixtape playlist will include rotating LTMs: Control, Gun Run, and the newly added TDM. Like the Battle Royale maps, the game modes in Mixtape will keep rotating, and players will be able to experience a variety of game modes throughout the season.

Unlike LTMs, Mixtape will also be a permanent Playlist. However, the game modes inside the Mixtape will not always be limited to the three mentioned modes, as the devs explain. They’ll add new game modes or maybe remove them to bring in some varieties.

“Our goal of Mixtape is to give players a chance to jump in, play a variety of game modes, and allow them to master combat,” Evan Nikolich, the design director of Apex Legends, explained the reason behind the introduction of Mixtape.

Mixtape Release Date

Respawn will add TDM as soon as Season 16 goes live on February 14, 2023. Only the TDM will be available to players for the first three weeks. After three weeks, Respawn will add Mixtape into the game modes as a permanent playlist on March 7, 2023.

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