This insane Yoru lineup in VALORANT lets players sneakily teleport into the enemy spawn

It’s only been a couple of days since Yoru’s launch in VALORANT and players are already starting to pull off some really creative plays in the lobby.

Riot Games introduced Yoru as their new agent alongside Episode 2 which also came with some meta shifting update that targeted sentinel agents like Omen and Brimstone. The early reaction from the VALORANT community has been pretty positive towards this new lurking duelist.

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As Yoru was tailor-made from the ground up to create some crazy highlight reels, Yoru has already started to deliver on that promise. Some big VALORANT creators on different social media platforms have already shared their crazy plays with Yoru.

Additionally, players who love to create guides and new lineups were also pleasantly surprised with the amount of flexibility this new agent provided with his kits. After some fine-tuning, a player figured out a really clever lineup for Yoru’s teleport that literally lets players teleport into the enemy base.

Yoru teleport lineup

This teleport lineup on the Bind map lets you put your teleporting light all the way from the defender’s B site to attackers spawn. Meaning if you play your cards just right you might be able to flank the entire enemy team from behind.

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On the right hand, this lineup could turn out to be a match-winner. More lineups like these will be available when more players get their hands on Yoru since many players are still trying to unlock him.

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