VALORANT’s annoying credit sell-back bug might be fixed with patch 2.1, confirmed by a dev

Riot has finally revealed a deadline for fixing this annoying sell-back bug in VALORANT that is literally scamming players out of credits.

Basically, this bug occurs when a player wants to sell back a weapon that was originally bought by their teammates. For example, if you buy someone a Phantom and they later change their mind and decides to sell that back for a Vandal. When they sell it back in order to switch to a different weapon, the 2900 credits end up disappearing from their buy menu.

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This bug has been in the game for a long time now. While in an unrated match, it might not be such a big deal. However, in a ranked match or worse, if it happens in a tournament, it might make someone lose an entire match.

Sell-back bug to be fixed with patch 2.1

Turns out, the devs at Riot Games are already aware of this bug. But this bug won’t be fixed in an upcoming hotfix. The dev claims they won’t likely hotfix this problem but rather fix it with an upcoming patch like 2.1.

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There are a lot of underlying problems that could come up while trying to fix this bug as it is related to the whole in-game weapon economy. As a result, Riot devs will be thoroughly testing out a fix before releasing the fix to the live servers.

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