C9 TenZ decided to step down from professional VALORANT to pursue content creation

Tyson “TenZ” Ngo is a 19-year-old Canadian professional VALORANT player for Cloud 9 Blue.

He recently stunned the entire VALORANT pro scene as well as his fanbase with a sudden retirement announcement. Before his VALORANT days, he was a professional CS:GO player for Cloud 9. Later, he left CS:GO to pursue a new career in VALORANT.

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TenZ was often considered to be one of the best aimers in the game as he was really mechanically gifted. To say this sudden retirement announcement from the pro scene came as a massive shock to everyone would be a huge understatement.

C9 Tenz leaves pro VALORANT

Instead of playing with the core C9 blue professional VALORANT roster, Tenz will now focus on content creation. Meaning he will remain in Cloud 9 as a content creator and not as a pro player. VALORANT pro-community were understandably baffled by his decision as he is still really young and in his prime.

It is really rare for players at his caliber to step down from the pro scene despite being so young. In his retirement post, he revealed his decision to take a break from the competitive scene was entirely his choice. As LAN is still not widely available, he decided to take a break until LAN tournaments become more commonplace.

At the beginning of the pro scene in VALORANT, C9 blue was performing well. But at the end of 2020, they were failing to create expected results. And consequently, the roster overall broke apart.

After LAN returns, he will consider making a return to the pro scene once again. Until then he wants to focus purely on content creation. This is not the first time something similar to that has happened.

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Big-name content creators like ‘shroud’ and ‘aceu’ made similar strides by retiring from their respective professional scene to pursue a career in just creating content after their streams blew up.

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