VALORANT: Riot Still Believes Viper is Underperforming, a Buff Will Follow Soon

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot Games launched Viper as a part of their original core roster of agents in VALORANT. And since her release, she has received some changes to all of her abilities to make her more viable.

Her recent changes did make her utilities, like the Wall and Viper Pit, more effective, but most players in the VALORANT community still think she is not that useful. Even Riot Games shares the exact sentiment and believes she is underperforming.

In the latest VALORANT patch 2.0, Riot Games revealed they already have their eyes on Viper. Patch 2.0 introduced some changes to controller Agents like Brimstone and Omen.

These changes were made so players would now have to choose between Omen or Brimstone depending on different scenarios, as before the patch, Omen was the more viable choice for most situations.

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Viper Changes are Coming Soon in Episode 2


No updates just yet, but we’re taking this opportunity to say we’ve got our eye on her. We still believe she is underperforming as a whole and we’re looking at changes for her in the new year.

While making changes to the controller agents, Riot didn’t forget about Viper. Earlier in a dev blog last year, Riot did mention that a major meta-shifting update would begin with the start of Episode 2.

And seems like we are finally beginning to witness some of these changes in action. Episode 2 has already launched in a couple of regions around the world as of writing.

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