This Fanmade Mirage decoy buff could make him a true trickster in Apex Legends

While Mirage received some notable buffs in previous seasons, his usability at higher ranks is still nowhere near acceptable.

His utility is great for a pub stomp, but it is not that effective at the high-level competition. Even though Respawn gave him some really useful buffs, many players still think he is not eligible for ranked play.

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And Respawn isn’t willing to give him more powerups since that can make the game really hard to pick up for new players which is a big factor in attaining new players. According to Respawn, he is really good for public matches and another powerup could make him really tricky to deal with for beginners.

Fanmade decoy concept

But fans are still brainstorming ideas on how Respawn can make him more useful in different scenarios. For example, a fan-created a concept for his decoy that would seriously make him really useful while not making him too obnoxious.

As Mirage is a trickster, it makes a lot of sense if his decoys could start out a fake finisher upon downed enemies to trick his opponents. Basically, it wouldn’t actually deal any damages to the downed opponents but will make them pinned momentarily.

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If enemies fires upon decoys while they are performing a finisher they will explode into confetti to confuse enemies. This would add another bit of depth to Mirage’s current arsenal. It would be a great day for Mirage mains if Respawn actually implements this small buff to the live game. Although recent comments made by dev suggest that is not going to happen anytime soon.

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