Apex Legends Arenas ghost rock exploits abusers are getting banned

Crafty Apex Legends players figured out a spot on the new Arenas map where they can use a rock to hide in plain sight to surprise their opponents.

Arenas is the new permanent game mode that Respawn added with the highly anticipated Legacy update. For the most part, this new game mode added a completely different way to enjoy the core gameplay loop of Apex Legends without RNG getting in the way.

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On top of that, Respawn added exclusive maps for this game mode. And one of them had a rock that can be easily exploited to gain an advantage over other players in the tightly controlled environment of the Arenas game mode.

Respawn quickly acknowledged the issue, but delayed the fix and warned players that the use of this exploit is a bannable offense. Since some adventurous individuals still chose to defy the law, the Apex Legends security team is now using the ban hammer on these abusers.

Exploiters are receiving the hammer

These exploits can’t be abused anymore since the fix is finally live. Although past offenders are not getting a get-out-of-jail-free card. Instead, they will be receiving bans following a thorough investigation. Maybe it is not a good idea to use exploits in a multiplayer game to gain an unfair advantage over opponents as most of the time it results in a ban.

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