The Quarry: How To Save Kaitlyn

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Follow this guide to learn how to save Kaitlyn through the horrors of The Quarry.

Kaitlyn is one of the nine counselors trapped in Hackett’s Quarry, trying to survive through the night filled with impending danger. Hence, if you want to keep her alive till the end, you have to make various decisions. Furthermore, multiple scenarios play out according to overlapping choices among the nine counselors, applying to Kaitlyn too.

Like the others, Kaitlyn has her quirks, personality, and backstory. Automatically wanting players to keep her safe. Moreover, Kaitlyn is a smart and strong-willed person making her a valuable asset to the team and also a fan favorite. So follow this guide if you want to save Kaitlyn as she fights for survival in The Quarry.

First of all, before we come to the main choices for Kaitlyn, make sure you perform all the QTEs successfully. Failing QTEs causes characters to fall into riskier situations, leading to their death. Saving Kaitlyn is easier than most characters, as she only falls in real danger only a handful of times, and the choices of other characters can ensure her safety. Moreover, complete all the skill checks to keep your counselors safe. For this, you need to keep your attention high while playing the game.

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Save Kaitlyn In The Quarry

Break Into The Cabin

This decision has to be made while playing as Abigail during the first chapter of the game. Nevertheless, it has a massive impact on Kaitlyn’s survival.

When outside the cabin with Emma, choose to break into the cabin. Explore the cabin to find a stuffed toy and pick it up. This stuffed toy unknowingly becomes responsible for saving Kaitlyn’s life in the final chapter of the game.

Protect Kaitlyn With The Crane

When Kaitlyn and Dylan explore the scrapyard to find a working car, they find one attached to a crane. Dylan climbs in the crane and operates it to get the car out. Soon enough, the motion-detecting lights are triggered, which means a werewolf is on its way.

As Dylan, you will have to warn Kaitlyn through QTEs so that she can enter the car and keep her safe. Additionally, you will lift the crane to keep a distance between her and the beast. But it jumps on the car, and you have to spin the crane to drop the werewolf, which in turn drops Kaitlyn as well. As the werewolf comes rushing towards her, be quick to drop the car on the werewolf to save Kaitlyn. The car is destroyed, but Kaitlyn is saved.

All these are performed through QTEs and skill checks, for which you must be well on your wits, as some need fast reflexes. If you fail and Kaitlyn gets bitten by the werewolf, she is at risk of death or, worse, turning into a werewolf herself. If it comes to that, you can save her by killing Silas and lifting Kaitlyn’s curse. But it adds to the already extra trouble your group is in. So try your best to keep this brave girl unharmed.

Run To The Kitchen

The Quarry Save Kaitlyn Kitchen
credits: Supermassive Games

The last time Kaitlyn’s life is in grave danger is in the final chapter of her, Dylan, Abigail, and Emma’s story. If you have managed to save them back in the scrapyard, Dylan and Kaitlyn return to the lodge, while Abigail and Emma remain at the basement of the lodge or Hackett’s office depending on your choices for them.

At this time, the werewolf returns angrier than ever, chasing Kaitlyn and Dylan. Playing as Abigail, you can find silver shotgun shells to give to Kaitlyn if she hides in the office. She can use it to shoot down the werewolf, but that is one of the riskiest choices and can result in multiple deaths. Instead, make Kaitlyn hide in the kitchen behind some counters.

As the werewolf starts to look for you, it won’t be too hard since they can smell both of you out quickly. Playing as Kaitlyn, choose to run toward the freezer, and the monster does so too.

This is where the stuffed rabbit doll picked up back in Chapter 1 saves the day. Instead of Kaitlyn, throw the doll into the freezer as bait, and the werewolf enters the freezer chasing it. Kaitlyn and Dylan lock the doors, trapping the monster. Therefore, saving not only Kaitlyn but everyone else.

The Quarry Save Kaitlyn
credits: Supermassive Games

On the other hand, if you did not pick up the doll, the only choice is for Kaitlyn to enter the freezer herself, which does not end up well.

If you have been following this guide till the end, you can save Kaitlyn in her ill-fated ordeals throughout the night of The Quarry. Subsequently, allowing you to get the best ending, provided other characters are alive and well. Else you will get different variations of endings.

All Choices by Chapter

Chapter 2

  • Serious
  • Stern

Chapter 5

After a series of QTEs in the lodge, choose this option:

Hold Breath

Chapter 6

  • Compassionate
  • Intervene
  • Help Nick

Chapter 8

  • Honest
  • Encouraging

Chapter 9

Although not in control of Kaitlyn, play as Dylan to perform several QTEs and pick these choices to save Kaitlyn from getting eaten by the werewolf.

  • Encouraging
  • Warn Kaitlyn
  • Sound Horn
  • Smash
  • Smash

Chapter 10

Ensuring you have made all the right choices, everyone is alive, and also taken the stuffed toy back in chapter 1 with Abigail, choose these: (You will also have to complete QTEs rapidly)

  • Hide
  • Freezer
  • Use Decoy

If you missed out on taking the stuffed toy, then you can still use the silver shells to kill the werewolf:

  • Run
  • Beam
  • Smash
  • Run
  • Investigate
  • Shoot

Picking these choices ensures Kaitlyn survives in all chapters and lives through the night in The Quarry.

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