The Quarry: How to Save Dylan

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credits: Supermassive Games

Learn how to save Dylan and keep him alive till the end of The Quarry

Dylan is one of the nine camp counselors in The Quarry, unlucky enough to get trapped in the camp’s nightmarish events. Dylan is one of the smartest and most likable characters in the game, whose technical expertise saves the group many times. Hence, you’ll most likely want to save Dylan throughout the night in The Quarry.

Furthermore, different outcomes throughout the game and endings require a variety of interconnected decisions to be made. This includes relations and deaths of different characters and adds to the replay value of the game. Nevertheless, the best ending occurs when all nine protagonists survive the night. Hence, another reason why you should try to keep Dylan alive.

There are only a few instances in which you should be careful to ensure his safety. On the other hand, his predicaments are tougher to handle.

For starters, you have to succeed in all the QTEs; the more you fail, the harder it becomes to save any of the nine counsellors. Furthermore, since Dylan is a resourceful guy, you will also come across a lot of skill checks. For this guide, we will cover all the instances where Dylan faces grave danger or help him in an upcoming predicament, saving him from death every time.

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Save Dylan In The Quarry

Amputate Dylan’s Arm In The Worst-Case Scenario

The Quarry How to Save Dylan
credits: Supermassive Games

At the radio hut, a werewolf will try to attack Dylan and Ryan while they try to radio outside for help. As Kaitlyn, Abigail, and Nick head towards the same place, you can let them know about the werewolf and ask them to hide in the lodge instead.

Back in chapter 1, playing as Abigail, if you broke into the lodge, the trio can easily get inside and hide. In turn, taking the werewolf’s attention from them to Dylan and Ryan at the radio shack. Your friends are saved great. Now, as Dylan tries to fix the radio wires from the ceiling, the werewolf attacks and wounds him.

To stop him from turning into a werewolf and save him, you need to make a tough choice. Either keep him as he is or amputates his arm and try to save him from transforming. If you picked up the shotgun from chapter 2, Ryan will use it to remove Dylan’s arm for good, or you can use a chainsaw for a more classic amputation scene. This is the worst-case scenario.

To save him and his arm, there is a second option. While playing as Abigail, do not break into the lodge, even though it seems the best choice during her playthrough. This will cause the trio to break the lock of the lodge in chapter 5 during the werewolf’s assault. This takes some time; hence the werewolf shifts attention to the lodge and runs after them. The group manages to break in and hide before the beast reaches them and remains safe.

Additionally, this gives Dylan some time to fix the radio and doesn’t get attacked as well. Keeping him healthy and alive.

Keep Your Timing Perfect In The Crane

While Dylan and Kaitlin search the scrapyard to find a drivable car, they spot on attached to a crane and therefore try to get it down. While Dylan tries to control the crane, the werewolf is seen coming at them. You have to perform a lot of QTEs here to keep both you and Kaitlyn safe.

Warn Kaitlyn of the approaching dangers, and she will get into the car, act fast and raise it up, keeping her safe. Then, press the horn to intimidate the monster when prompted. The werewolf jumps on the car to get to her now. Again, act fast to make sure the werewolf falls off. Both Kaitlyn and the werewolf fall to the ground, but the beast runs at her. This is the final hurdle. Keep your sense sharp, and press the QTEs perfectly to drop the car on the raging monster.

Therefore, now both Dylan and Kaitlyn are safe, but the car is destroyed. They will head back to the lodge for the final stand.

These are the two moments when Dylan’s life falls in danger. Less than most of the other counsellors, but requires the most attention.

All Choices by Chapter

Chapter 2

  • Friendly

Enter the room beside the shotgun hung on the wall. Complete the QTEs and pick these options.

  • Mischievous
  • Head to Party

Chapter 4

  • Optimistic
  • Hopeful
  • Determined
  • Suspicious
  • Calm
  • Defensive
  • Give Gun

Chapter 5

  • Confident

If you’re attacked and bitten by the werewolf in the radio shack, follow these choices.

  • Interested
  • Concerned
  • Apologetic
  • Don’t Shoot
  • Aggressive
  • Confident
  • Calm
  • Desperate
  • Chainsaw
  • Uncertain

Chapter 9

  • Positive
  • Curious

You’re in control of the crane, and the werewolf starts to run towards you and Kaitlyn.

  • Encouraging
  • Warn Kaitlyn
  • Sound Horn
  • Smash
  • Smash

Picking all these options will ensure Dylan’s survival throughout the night and save him in The Quarry.

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