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The Quarry has a well-diversified range of possible endings. Keep reading to learn about all the major endings you can get in the game.

The Quarry is considered the spiritual successor to Supermassive Games’ wildly successful survival horror decision interactive game – Until Dawn. Taking place in an eerie quarry manifested with werewolves, The Quarry unfolds the fate of 9 teen summer camp counselors as they struggle to survive the night at Hackett’s Quarry.

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Throughout the course of the story, you’ll be having conversations with a mysterious fortune-teller named Eliza, who will show you glimpses of the fate awaiting you. As the story unfolds over the course of twelve chapters, you will figure out the curse looming over Hackett’s Quarry.

Moreover, depending on your choices and actions, you may or may not be able to lift this said curse. As of launch, The Quarry has a total of 186 alternate endings. While they all have slight variations, we have highlighted and discussed all the major endings the game has to offer.

Best Ending in The Quarry

The best ending for any survival horror story has to be the one where all your main characters survive. The same can be said for The Quarry as well. In this ending, all counselors survive the night. Moreover, any and all of the counselors who turned into a werewolf – most notably Max and Nick will turn back into humans. Moreover, most of the Hackett family members can stay alive for this ending.

To get the best ending, you must ensure that Laura maintains a positive relationship with Travis Hackett, the cop. This involves loosening the brick to hide the syringe and not taking Travis’s gun in Chapter 7. Avoid shooting him in the prison escape scene if you don’t wish to be stabbed to death as Laura in Chapter 9. Moreover, you also have to accept Laura’s offer to bite you when you’re playing as Ryan.

If Ryan is alive and is able to shoot Chris Hackett in his werewolf form, then his and Laura’s curse will be lifted, and Travis will be willing to work with you to find Silas’s lair. Killing Silas will lift the curse off of every surviving member. And given you don’t make Max cross the lake after turning back human, he too will survive the night. However, there’s more to a good ending than just ensuring everyone’s survival.

When the end credits start rolling, you can learn about the aftermath of Hackett’s Quarry through a podcast. If you have gathered enough evidence throughout the course of the story, the podcast will be showcasing those evidence – giving grounds to your claims about all the paranormal activities that went down that night at Hackett’s Quarry, scoring you the best possible ending in the game.

Bad Ending in The Quarry

There are a bunch of possible bad endings you can get in The Quarry if you’re not careful enough.

The Curse is Lifted

Despite having broken the cycle of the curse, you can still end up with some pretty bad endings. We’ve discussed them below.

Not Everyone Survives

Each of the characters in The Quarry has 10 to 12 different ways of dying. Anything from poor relationships with other characters, wrong decisions, and failing QTEs, Don’t Breathe, Combat, and Interrupts can get you killed.

Assuming you were able to get to Silas’s lair and kill him, the curse will be lifted. Anyone who had turned during the course of the story will become human again. With that being said, certain characters like Dylan, Kaitlyn, Abi, and Emma are harder to save than others. That’s because a lot of their survival chances depend on perfectly executing QTEs.

Moreover, if Laura unknowingly shoots Nick in his cage, he will die. Furthermore, leaving Jacob in his cell will also cause him to die, despite it looking like a safer option on the surface. Not to mention, there are sillier ways to get him killed. For example, shooting at the rustling bushes in Chapter 4.

Ryan can also die from bleeding out, failing to shoot Chris, or dying in the crash. Moreover, assuming everyone else survives the night, if you choose to swim to the mainland as Max at the end of the chapter, he will be mauled to death by Caleb.

Lastly, you can kill Travis near the end by hesitating to shoot Silas. After shooting Travis in a scuffle, the prompt for shooting Silas will appear again, so you can break the curse once and for all.

Survivors are blamed for the Massacre

Sure, not being able to save everyone makes up for a bad ending in itself. However, not being able to prove the existence of werewolves to the world due to a lack of evidence will cause the world to believe that the Survivors went on a murderous rampage during their stay at the Hackett’s Quarry.

So, implying you failed to gather enough evidence during the course of the story, no one will actually believe any of the survivors’ claims regarding what actually went down that night, making a terrible ending where they end up in jail.

Silas is Killed but No One Survives the Car Crash

Assuming you managed to get Travis to agree to work with Laura and Ryan at the end of chapter 9, the three of you will be out on the hunt for Silas. At that point, Silas will attack your car. If you fail to execute the QTEs perfectly, the car will crash, and Ryan and Travis will be killed.

As Laura crawls out of the vehicle, the prompt for grabbing the shotgun will appear. If you successfully complete the two QTEs, Laura will shoot Silas with the silver rounds and kill him. The curse will be broken, but she will eventually succumb to her injuries and die.

The Curse Remains

Everything under this section is a bad ending because you were unable to solve the mystery and lift the curse. This means that your infected friends will continue to become werewolves during the full moon, even if they somehow survive the night.

Hackett Family is Wiped Out

The Hackett Family may not be the central characters of the game, but they play a pivotal part in the story. They are hardly likable, and given how creepy everyone is, you might even want to get rid of them. Moreover, during the course of the story, you may even feel like taking them out is a necessary evil.

To get this ending, you’ll have to complete the QTE during your struggle with Constance. As a result, Laura will blow her head off. Then, Laura can either attack Jed or wait for werewolf Chris to take him out eventually.

After the chase sequence between Ryan and Bobby, you can stab Bobby to weaken him. This will cause Chris to take him out later easily. However, you must refuse Laura’s offer to bite Ryan after that so that he eventually bleeds out to death after killing Chris. This will open the pathway for Laura to shoot Travis, taking out the last human member of the Hackett family.

When you’re back to playing as Kaitlyn and have a final showdown with Caleb Hackett at the lodge, investigate the door to get the silver rounds from Abi and Emma and finish him off. Eliza will then thank you for helping her take down the Hackett family before the epilogue starts.

However, Eliza herself is evil and wishes for Silas to live, causing the curse to continue. And if you choose to wipe out the entire Hackett family, you’ll only be doing her bidding. Not to mention, in this route, you never get to Silas and uncover the mystery; so the curse continues to loom over Hackett’s Quarry.

Laura Refuses to Kill Silas

Assuming you have done everything perfectly and uncovered the truth behind the curse, the game will present you with one final choice that can make or break the perfect ending: whether or not you want to kill Silas and put an end to this curse. If you hesitate to kill Silas, Travis will attack you. Completing his QTE will result in his death. Then when the prompt for shooting Silas appears again, if you choose to spare him, Silas will kill both Laura and Ryan, and the curse will remain.

Laura Gets Captured by Travis

Given Ryan refuses to be bitten by Laura and dies after killing Chris, you can unlock this ending by failing the QTE when Travis and Laura reach out for the shotgun. Once he snags the shotgun, he will take you to the cell and imprison you. The scene will then shift to Kaitlyn and Caleb’s showdown. However, not getting to Silas means the curse will remain. During the epilogue, Laura can still be seen being imprisoned by Travis.

Laura and Travis Kill Each Other

To unlock this ending, you must not pull out the knife as Ryan so that you can use it to stab Bobby later. This will weaken him and cause him to die at the hands of Chris in his werewolf form. When the prompt for shooting Chris appears, fail the QTE. This will cause Chris to kill Ryan.

Since you failed to kill Chris, Laura will not turn back human and fatally injure Travis. He will then stab werewolf Laura with a silver-back mirror, which will kill her. Travis will eventually bleed out to death. No one will get to Silas, and the curse will remain.

Worst Ending in The Quarry

Without a shadow of a doubt, the worst possible ending in The Quarry is where everyone dies. This includes all the summer camp counselors as well as the entirety of the Hackett family, except for Caleb – who transforms back to human in the morning and has to live with the consequences.

Attaining this ending is pretty easy, as all you have to do is fail to do your QTEs and shoot people when they turn. Even if you manage to get Travis on board for hunting down Silas, you can choose to hesitate to shoot Silas and kill Travis instead. Silas will then end up killing both Laura and Ryan, and the curse will remain.

Secret Ending

The Quarry has not one but two secret endings for you to achieve.

Laura and Max Reunite

To get this ending, you have to keep Ryan from pulling out the knife so that he can use it to stab Bobby later. When offered to bite Ryan, he must refuse Laura’s offer. Werewolf Chris will then kill Bobby, and Ryan can shoot Chris and kill him, turning Laura back into a human. Since he chose not to be bitten, Ryan will eventually die from blood loss.

Once Ryan dies, Travis will tell Laura that he can’t let her leave. This will initiate the prompt for grabbing the shotgun. Successfully complete the QTE and shoot Travis in the head. As Kaitlyn faces off Caleb in the lodge, Laura will take the boat to the island where she will reunite with a now-human Max. This will unlock you the “Should’ve gone to the Motel” ending.

Jacob Tells Emma The Truth

In this ending, Jacob admits to Emma that the only reason why they are in this situation is that he had sabotaged their van to spend another night at the Quarry. This is a tougher ending to unlock and requires Emma to be infected in Chapter 4.

When Emma is confronted by the werewolf in the treehouse, you need to use the taser first. After circling around the pathway and coming back to the tree house, block the door and choose the trapdoor option instead of going for the bear spray.

Then as you climb the trapdoor ladder, fail the QTE intentionally to slow down her climbing, so that the werewolf bites her leg. Alternatively, you can choose to Reel Slowly and then choose to Speed Up to get infected. If you’ve successfully gotten her infected in Chapter 4, she will tell Jacob that she got bitten in Chapter 6 when they meet up by the lakeside.

During Werewolf Emma’s faceoff with Kaitlyn in Chapter 8, do NOT shoot her with silver rounds. Instead, use regular rounds to shoot Emma so that she doesn’t end up killing anybody and flees to the woods. Once Ryan kills Chris in chapter 9, Emma will automatically turn back into a human because of how the curse works. That’s because she got bitten by Max, who was bitten by Chris.

With this, when you play as Jacob in chapter 10, you will meet a blood-drenched Emma in the woods. When conversing with her, the option of telling her the truth will appear. Depending on whether your tone is apologetic or aggressive, Emma may sever all ties with Jacob. This will unlock you the “Nobody’s Fool” ending.

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