The Quarry Best Ending Guide: How to Ensure Everyone Survives

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The most nerve-wracking challenge in The Quarry is to ensure everyone survives. Keep reading to learn how you can keep everyone alive til the end.

Supermassive Games is back with yet another decision interactive game in a survival horror setting after their massive success with Until Dawn. The Quarry tells the tale of nine teenage summer camp counselors stranded in Hackett’s Quarry. Keep playing through 12 nerve-wracking chapters as you decide the fate of these young adults.

Just like in Until Dawn, you’ll have to make some really tough choices and pass a series of quick-time events to ensure your character’s survival. Moreover, even if you don’t get everything right in your first playthrough, you can undo up to 3 character deaths through the game’s Death Rewind system.

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However, the Death Rewind system has its own set of drawbacks, with certain death rewinds setting you back by hours of gameplay. Moreover, you may be one of those people who wants to get everything right and score the best ending on their very first try.

To get the best ending in The Quarry, you have to make sure that all nine characters survive the night. This includes Laura, Max, Abigail, Jacob, Dylan, Kaitlyn, Nick, Ryan, and Emma. In this guide, we’ll be giving you a general guideline on how to ensure everyone’s survival, as well as going over the major decisions you need to make from the course of the ten main chapters.

General Tips for Ensuring Everyone’s Survival

In this section, we will be discussing the general guidelines that can help you save everyone.

Take the Tutorials Seriously

At the beginning of the game and when necessary, the game will present you with a bunch of tutorials. You will get tutorials for different situations you’ll encounter during the game. These include Quick Time Events, Don’t Breathe, Combat, Evidence, Interrupts, and Path Chosen. Failing these events sometimes results in otherwise preventable deaths. So, you need to be well-versed in how to overcome these challenges. It’s also best to complete all the QTEs thrown in your way.

Gather Evidence

One of the key reasons why you might fail to keep everyone alive despite making “sensible” or “safe” dialogue choices is not gathering enough evidence. You need to be alert and look out for clues because you’ll need a handful of evidence to keep the teens alive.

Don’t Always Interrupt

Just because there’s a button for Interrupt, doesn’t mean you have to press it every time. Sometimes interrupting is not only unnecessary but also unsafe. It helps to pause and check the outcome of certain interrupts.

Be Nice to Others

Although not always possible, it’s still best to pick the friendly and honest dialogue options when talking to other characters. Being on good terms with other characters will ensure that they come to your aid when things go south. After all, you cannot survive the night at Hackett’s Quarry all by yourself without support from others!

Be Smart, Not Bold

Being brave is cool but not always sensible. Especially when your opponents are werewolves! There will be plenty of times when you can either shoot the monsters or run. And despite what your pals suggest out of sheer panic, running away when you have the chance is always the safer option. With that being said, sometimes you’ll be faced with a situation of shooting someone you know. In that case, it’s advisable to pause and check the outcome of shooting them.

Maintain Relationships

Although we have briefly discussed this in an earlier section, you need to make sure to create bonds with other characters. Not all character interactions and reactions from your actions will result in deaths. In fact, how characters feel towards one another from certain conversations will barely ever have any meaningful impact.

However, you still need to maintain a solid relationship between some characters to get to the best ending where everyone survives. Below are the character relationships you should focus on building for the best possible ending:

  • Dylan and Ryan 
  • Abigail and Nick
  • Jacob and Emma
  • Kaitlyn and Dylan

Move On

When speaking to Eliza, the narrator, in between the chapters, always choose to Move On.

Use Death Rewind

Sometimes when we get rare items in RPGs, we tend to hoard them. Even when we face situations where we can and should clearly use the item, we choose not to; hoping we might need it for a more important occasion. The same can be said about The Quarry’s Death Rewind feature, which can undo up to 3 character deaths.

There’s no need to save your Death Rewinds, hoping you can use them for more important character deaths or near the end of the story. In fact, it’s not even advisable to save the lifelines for the end. So, use the feature whenever the situation presents itself, even if it is too early in the game.

Throughout the course of the story, you’ll be presented with some major decisions that will alter the course of the story and even decide a character’s fate. Here are all the major decisions you need to make from each chapter to ensure everyone survives.


Be Polite To The Cop

In the Prologue chapter, when you’re playing as Laura, a cop will come over to your car as Max tries to get it out of the mud. He will inspect your car and ask some questions about what happened. Moreover, he will also tell you to stay at the Harbinger Motel instead of going to Hackett’s Quarry. During this interaction, you need to pick all the nicer choices such as: honest, friendly, compliant, and relieved. You’ll be seeing him again, so you need to be on good terms with him.

Chapter 1 – Hackett’s Quarry Forever

Steal the Rotor Arm

When playing as Jacob in Chapter 1, you’ll have the option to sabotage the van by either breaking the fuel line or stealing the rotor arm. Whilst there is no way to actually prevent Jacob from doing either, you should steal the rotor arm as it will act as a gateway to an important piece of evidence in Chapter 3. There is no other way to get this piece of evidence any other way. And as explained earlier, you need to have as much evidence as possible to ensure everyone’s survival.

Break in the Cabin and Keep the Teddy

When playing as Abigail in the second part of Chapter 1, Emma suggests breaking into the cabin to grab her bags. You can either side with her or not. But the right choice here is to Break In. When you look around the cabin, you’ll find a talking Teddy Bear on the left side of the door that you can either Keep or Leave. Choose to Keep the teddy bear for a crucial moment later on.

Chapter 2 – Truth or Dare

Leave the Fireworks

At the beginning of Chapter 2, you’ll first grab a shotgun with a code when you’re playing as Emma. This code unlocks a safe which will have some fireworks alongside ammunition inside. You can either choose to take the fireworks or leave them. You need to Leave the fireworks so that they’re still there when you need them to escape later on.

Don’t Go Down the Hatch

In the second part of Chapter 2, where you take control of Dylan, you’ll head into Chris Hackett’s office with Ryan to charge your phones. When you’re exploring around the office, you’ll find a trapdoor on the floor.

Upon opening it, you’ll notice a ladder you can climb down from. For the sake of everyone’s survival, choose to Shut the Door. Because there’s no point in actually going down there, and doing so will only break the steps when other characters use it later on.

Chapter 3 – Trouble in Paradise

Dive in and Grab the Rotor Arm

In chapter 3, where you’re back to playing as Jacob again, you will swim around the lake with Emma. After getting up, however, you’ll realize that you’ve dropped the rotor arm in the water. At the same time, you’ll hear a scream from Abi, and you can either choose to jump in the water to retrieve the Rotor Arm or Help Abi.

In this situation, choose to Dive In, and then pick Grab. Complete the QTE to grab the rotor arm, and you’ll find an important piece of evidence – a bloated corpse. Then, when you find your hand caught up in barbed wire, select Detangle instead of Pull. Pulling will only cause Jacob to drown.

Take Shortcuts, Get the Vial, Don’t Throw Dirt

In the latter half of Chapter 3 when you’re playing as Ryan, grab the shotgun from Kaitlyn and go looking for Nick. To earn the Nick of Time achievement, you will have to execute all the QTEs perfectly and take the shortest routes possible. So choose to Take a Shortcut every time you are presented with the choice.

Once you’ve successfully completed the Nick of Time challenge, you’ll find Nick being dragged away by the hunter. Choose to interrupt by selecting Shout. Then shoot the hunter and pick up the vial he drops as he runs away.

You’ll then be playing as Jacob, who’ll find himself walking right into a hunter’s trap. As the hunter cuts down the wire and approaches you, you can distract him by throwing Dirt. However, choose not to interrupt, as the hunter will mark you with blood, which will keep you safe from the werewolves.

Chapter 4 – Don’t Panic

Don’t Shoot at the Firepit

Starting off in Chapter 4, when you regroup with others by the firepit and discuss what to do with Nick’s infection, you’ll hear some rustling in the bushes. You can either choose to shoot or not, but it is highly unadvisable as shooting at the bushes will kill Jacob. And since we’re trying to get the best ending where everyone survives, there’s no point in killing Jacob in a needless accident.

Search Bag and Use Taser

Now you’ll be playing as Emma, who’ll be vlogging her way to the treehouse. Once you climb up and enter the treehouse, you’ll find a bag and some harness lying around and then hear a loud thud. You will now be presented with the choice of either searching the bag or opening the trapdoor to inspect the sound.

Do not open the trapdoor now, as a monster will crawl out of there and immediately kill you. Instead, choose the Search Bag option to get yourself some clothes, bear spray, and a taser that you can now use against the monster in the attic. Emma will open the trapdoor, and the prompt for using the taser or bear spray will appear. Choose to use the Taser, and keep the bear spray for later. After that, choose to take a photo, and you’ll have bagged yourself a piece of new evidence.

Use Bear Spray, Use Trapdoor, Reel Slowly

Now that you’re running for your life, the werewolf will ambush you. You can either run or use the bear spray here, so go ahead and use it to buy yourself some time. You will get the opportunity to use the bear spray again shortly after the monster follows you back to the treehouse. After that, you can either pick the block door option or use the trapdoor.

Not saying blocking the door will get you killed, but it does waste time as the monster will get in through the window anyway. Even if that happens, you can use the bear spray on it again and run for the trapdoor. When you’re playing as Emma again, choose to Reel Slowly to get out of this mess alive.

Chapter 5 – White Noise

Nothing much happens in this chapter, except for Dylan inevitably losing his hand after being infected. When presented with the option, choose to use the Chainsaw to amputate his hand. None of the major decisions from this chapter will cause character deaths.

Chapter 6 – Prayers By Night

Shoot Nick

In Chapter 6, when you’re playing as Abi, you will have to shoot Nick. Because Nick turning into a werewolf is part of the story that cannot be avoided. If you don’t shoot Nick, he will kill Abi instantly. However, later in the game, when you’re playing as Ryan, you need to stop Laura from shooting Nick as he turns back human at the end.

Chapter 7 – The Past Behind Us

This is a flashback chapter, so none of the major decisions will cause character deaths. Max turning into a werewolf is a crucial part of the main storyline, so there is no way to prevent him from turning.

Chapter 8 – The Belly of The Beast

Ryan and Laura Interruptions

When Ryan and Laura find Jacob’s cell in Chapter 8, there will be multiple Interruption events. When the Open Cage option prompts up, ignore it. The cells are electrified, so ignoring the interruption will cause Laura to warn Ryan.

After a brief cutscene, when Laura tries to shoot the werewolf in the cage next to Jacob’s, the prompt for Stop Laura will appear. The werewolf is actually Nick, who can be saved later on. So, press the command button to interrupt her so that she does not end up killing Nick.

Help Free Jacob

When presented with the choice of either freeing Jacob from the cage or coming back for him later in Chapter 8, you need to Free Jacob. Otherwise, he will die later on in the game. In order to open his cell, you need to open cells 3 and 5. In order to open Cell 3, flip switches labeled 1 and 2. And to open Cell 5, flip switches labeled 2 and 3.

Chapter 9 – The Matriarch

Don’t Pull the Knife Out

When Ryan gets stabbed by the hunter in Chapter 9, you need to stop Ryan from pulling out the knife. Because if you do, he will bleed out to death eventually. Keeping the knife in will put pressure on the wound, allowing him to survive.

Accept Laura’s Offer

After a hellish chase scene, Ryan will stab the hunter by pulling out the knife from his own body. As a result, he will start bleeding out. Laura will then offer to bite Ryan, as werewolves have healing abilities. If you decline her offer, Ryan will die. So, allow Laura to bite you.

Shoot Werewolf Chris Hackett

In the latter half of Chapter 9, when you take control of Ryan, use your flashlight to aim and shoot Chris Hackett. Getting it right can be tricky, and missing your shot will get Ryan killed.

Chapter 10 – Bricks and Mortar

Make Max stay on the Island

Once Max has been cured, you get the option of either staying on the island or swimming across. Choose to stay on the island if you want Max to survive. That’s because once he crosses over, a werewolf will kill him instantly. And besides, he is safest on the island anyway, away from the monsters.

Make Kaitlyn Run Away

In the last chapter, when Kaitlyn and Dylan are confronted by Caleb in the lodge, you must pick Run instead of Wait. Even though Kaitlyn isn’t killed by either option, running away is essential for Dylan’s survival. Waiting will cause Caleb to maul Dylan to death.

Investigate the Door

When Emma and Abi are calling out to Kaitlyn, Dylan will ask you to ignore it and hide in the kitchen instead. At that moment, choose to investigate the door. The girls will pass you a silver shell for your shotgun, which will initiate a QTE where you have to shoot Caleb.

Don’t Take the Vial from Ryan

Near the end of the story, when you’re chasing after Silas, Ryan will offer the vial of werewolf blood that he acquired in Chapter 3. You can either take it or let Ryan keep it. If you give the vial to Ryan, he will use it on himself. This will protect him for the rest of the night.

Raise Gun to Shoot Silas

This is the very last challenge you have to overcome. When you find Silas whimpering, you’ll start having doubts about shooting him. An Interrupt sequence will appear, and you have to choose Raise Gun to make sure everyone lives. Shooting Silas will turn everyone back to human as well, scoring you the best ending in the game.

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