The Quarry: How To Save Abigail

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Get to know how to save Abigail and keep her alive till the end in The Quarry.

Abigail is one of the nine camp counsellors and also one of the main protagonists in The Quarry. Like the others, she also comes across many dangers and challenges that test her courage and will. Moreover, since Abigail is one of the first to land in the Quarry, players will often see unexpected situations befall Abigail early on until the end. Only adding to the scare factor of the game.

Since Abigail is one of the main characters, you must keep her alive till the night ends to see the best ending of The Quarry. Her or any other character’s death results in variations of endings. Hence, follow below if you want to learn how to Save Abigail in The Quarry also, spoiler alert!

Save Abigail In The Quarry

To save any character, you must succeed in all the quick-time events, perform skill checks, and keep relationships as strong as possible. The same goes for Abigail. Take every possible decision that favors strong bonds with Nick, which becomes increasingly difficult as the game progresses.

Don’t Hide From Nick In The Woods

Don't Hide From Nick In The Woods
credits: Supermassive Games

After the truth and dare game, Abigail wanders into the woods, and Nick follows to find her. Instead of hiding from him, let the two of them meet up and talk with each other. Their heartfelt conversation will soon be interrupted by a werewolf.

Complete all the QTEs where she runs away from the werewolf. Missing a single one will result in her getting attacked, which brings terrible consequences. Additionally, choose to help Nick after he gets injured from the werewolf attack.

Doing these two actions will result in both of them having a good relationship from the beginning of the story.

Pick Up The Shotgun

You saved yourself from getting bitten, but Nick wasn’t so lucky. For which you’ll fall in some trouble at the Pool Cabin. After getting bitten, Nick starts to behave and look different, and inside this cabin, he transforms into a werewolf and throws Abigail across the room.

After you land, you will notice a shotgun lying on the floor and have the option to pick it up. Take the shotgun and shoot Nick. He doesn’t die, but it is enough to scare him away. The transformed Nick escapes from the Pool Cabin through the roof.

Keep Your Friends Safe in Chris’ Office

The Quarry Save Abigail
credits: Supermassive Games

To flawlessly execute this part, you will need to keep Dylan, Ryan, Kaitlyn, and Emma alive. Furthermore, you have to make sure Dylan does not climb down the ladder leading to the basement while checking out Chris Hackett’s office. Doing so will break the ladder, and Dylan and the others will fall into deep trouble later on. Especially Abigail, leading to her death

Emma and Abi check the basement, and instead of letting Dylan climb down too, make him along with Kaitlyn explore the scrapyard. A werewolf appears with bloodthirst after the two return.

Luckily the ladder did not break down, and so Emma and Abigail are able to climb up to the office safely and lock the door, keeping them safe from the werewolf’s assault. Then head to the camera room in the office, where you’ll be able to look outside and see what’s going on and get your hands on silver laced shotgun shells. Silver is a massive weakness for werewolves; a proper shot will mean instant death.

Although it sounds wonderful to finally put an end to the beast in style with a shotgun, you have the option to do just that by giving the shotgun and bullets to Kaitlyn, who attempts to shoot the werewolf. This is a risky road to take and may easily result in both Abigail and Emma dying. Destroying all the hard work at the last moment. Instead, pick up the stuffed animal when you find it earlier at the cabin and hand it to Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn will use the toy to bait and lure the werewolf into a freezer. Finally, putting an end to the werewolf’s rampage by freezing him.

These are all the instances when Abigail’s life is in danger and the ways to keep her safe. Thus giving you the chance to see the best ending in The Quarry.

All Choices by Chapter

Chapter 1

After completing the QTE, when Abigail and Emma are together, choose the following options:

  • Break-In
  • Keep It ( After you find a Teddy Bear in the Cabin)

Chapter 3

  • Call Back
  • Honest
  • Cautious
  • Kiss

During the escape sequence and after Nick is attacked in the forest by the werewolf:

  • Help Nick
  • Run
  • Smash
  • Don’t Climb Tree
  • Hold Breath

Chapter 6

During the sequence in the Pool Cabin and during the time Nick starts to turn into a werewolf for good:

  • Grateful
  • Don’t Speak Up
  • Reassuring
  • Confident
  • Intrigued
  • Hide
  • Hold Breath
  • Calm
  • Compassionate
  • Shoot Nick

Chapter 9

  • Curious
  • Curious

Picking all these choices will lead to the final part, where you can let Kaitlyn lure the werewolf into the freezer. Saving not only Abigail but also the rest of the gang.

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