Diablo Immortal: Destruction’s End Walkthrough

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Learn everything about Destruction’s End dungeon in Diablo Immortal and prepare yourself for an adventure

Destruction’s End is the fourth dungeon in Diablo Immortal, located in the Library of Zoltun Kule. Unlocked while taking on the Zoltun Kulle’s story and with a required level of 35. Furthermore, this dungeon offers one of the classic Diablo bosses, Baal. Additionally, some great loot as well.

As part of the story, your objective is travelling to the past and observing the binding of the Lord of Destruction, Baal. After that, you team up with Tal Rasha and Zoltun Kulle to banish Baal in a Soulstone.

As usual, the dungeon will offer you a lot of loot, experience, and Battle Points. The higher the difficulty, the better rewards you get. Although this is one of the easier dungeons in the game, follow this guide if you’re confused about what to do next or how to progress in Diablo Immortal’s Destruction’s End dungeon.

Diablo Immortal: Destruction's End

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Destruction’s End Dungeon Statistics

  • Average Dungeon Runtime: 5 minutes
  • Battle Point Reward: 15
  • Required Level For Entry: 35
  • Notable for: Low experience farming and loot potential. 


  • Hell I+: Issatar the Brute (Issatar Imbued Set Boots)
  • Hell I+: Whipcrack (Windloft Perfection Set Belt)
  • Hell II+: The Subjugator (Feasting Baron’s Pack Set Neck)
  • Hell II+: Shepherd and Beastmaster (Shepherd’s Call to Wolves Set Hands)
  • Hell IV+: Modest Urge (Vithu’s Urges Set Ring)

Set Items

  • The Gaoler (waist) – Hell+1
  • Shepherd and Leader (boots) – Hell+1
  • Awakener’s Urge (amulet) – Hell+2
  • Slit Throat (amulet) – Hell+2
  • Resting Fangs of Shal’baas (ring) – Hell+2
  • Mounteback’s Misdirection (ring) – Hell+2
  • Shepherd and Beastmaster (glove) – Hell+2
  • Shephard and Architect (amulet) – Hell+2

To increase your chances of getting more and better Set Items, you have to increase your difficulty in the dungeon. Moreover, you can also increase your Magic Find attributes using gems to have an extra boost to your loot findings.


Diablo Immortal Destruction's End Baal
Baal, Lord of Destruction

Destruction’s End dungeon in Diablo Immortal offers two boss fights. One with an Overseer, which is relatively easy and does not actually feel like a boss fight. The other is the main boss fight with the Lord of Destruction, Baal. The battle with Baal takes place in two separate parts.

Destruction’s End Walkthrough Level 1

You have to help Zoltun Kule take down some fire barriers to let you progress. He is weak and has a low health bar, so you have to protect him at all times. It can get quite hectic as various enemies can quickly gang up on him and kill him, failing the dungeon mission. These enemies include Volatile Crawlers, Demon Assault Troopers, Demon Archers, Fallen Grunts, Fallen Shaman, and Fallen Firestarters. It is recommended to kill the ranged attackers first to make the fights easier. Furthermore, playing this dungeon co-op can make things a lot easier.

After you advance further, you will come across Tal Rasha, who will now join forces with you. Also, the first fight with Baal starts after Tal Rasha joins your party.

The first fight with Baal is easy, and you just have to dodge his simple attacks and punish him accordingly. Baal’s move set consists of a melee attack that also sends out shockwaves to a specific range. The shockwaves move in a conical shape. Later on, Baal will fire slow-moving, homing ice missiles that are really easy to dodge due to their slow speed. The perfect time to inflict damage is during these two attacks. On the other hand, Baal will also cast multiple fireballs upwards to fall in numerous directions. This is the only attack that is a bit hard to dodge and takes away the most health. Predict the fireballs landing to stay in the safe zones.

To defeat Baal in this encounter, deplete two of his health bar. Zoltun Kulle and Tal Rasha try to apprehend him within the Soulstone, but he escapes. Move south and jump down the cliff. Here Zoltun will shut down the first fire barrier. But before he does, he will ask you if you are ready; hence, prepare as best as possible.

Destruction’s End Walkthrough Level 2

After taking down the first fire barrier, a 3-minute timer will start to count down. If you can make it to the 2nd Baal encounter within this time, you will get rewarded with a bonus chest.

Level 2 of the dungeon is similar to the first. You have to help Zoltun Kulle in taking down four fire barriers while mobs of enemies try to attack him. Ensure he does not get interrupted if you want bonuses or killed if you don’t want the quest to fail. Prepare yourselves with proper stat buffs and both strong and ranged attacks. AOE magic attacks work wonders in this case. Remember, the barrier will not be down until you kill all the demons. Take everyone down swiftly.

After you explore further and are done with the third barrier, you will come across the Overseer mini-boss. He will attack you by summoning large groups of enemies, but your focus should be on attacking the Overseer. Especially if you want the bonus chest. Defeat the Overseer before the countdown ends to get the bonus chest. Zoltun Kulle will take out the fourth and final fire barrier. Beyond this awaits the last boss fight with Baal.

Baal’s attacks are now faster, more frequent, and more significant damage. He also does two extra fireball attacks.

One is a continuous shooting of fireballs, hit hard but easy to avoid. Get behind Tal Rasha’s shield when he calls you to do so.

The second variation is much deadlier. Baal now shoots out falling fireballs upwards in three waves, exploding and shooting smaller fireballs on the ground.

Apart from these two, his move set is the same as before. Hence, similar tactics as the first level are more than enough to take him down.

As soon as the fight starts, attack the Festering Appendages to destroy the barrier around him. After the Appendages are killed off, you can directly attack Baal. But in the middle of the fight, he will often summon more of them. Just use your strongest attacks on him whenever you are close. Attack-raising items come in handy here.

After Baal’s health is completely drained, the battle ends. He is finally captured within the Soulstone, and the quest is a success. Depending on the difficulty, you will get some fine rewards and loots from Destruction’s End dungeon in Diablo Immortal.

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