Diablo Immortal: How To Reforge

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Learn how to reforge in Diablo Immortal to make your character as strong as it can be.

All the different types of items that you find and loot in Diablo Immortal can be upgraded through the process of Reforge. Reforging allows you to change the stats of any item of any rarities. So that it better suits your needs. Moreover, you can also roll back the changes if you change your minds.

Although there are various other ways to upgrade gear in Diablo Immortal, reforge is one of the best ways. It allows you to have better customization, which is especially important when you reach the endgame. At the endgame, you have access to different items that are the strongest in their respective combination of stats, but you may want to change to some other attributes. This is where reforging comes into play.

It requires some luck, grinding, and also some pay-to-win features to boost the process. If you want to know how to reforge items in Diablo Immortal, this is the right place. Keep reading below.

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Reforge Guide for Diablo Immortal

Reforge Stones

To start Reforging, you need level 6 gears and Reforge Stones. These stones require grinding and a lot of playtime to obtain. Reforge Stones can be purchased on a limited scale of eight per week from the Hilst merchant. Once you have bought 8 Reforge Stones, you have to wait a whole week for the quota to reset. Furthermore, you can get Reforge Stones by completing the Battleground each season. You are rewarded a specific amount of Stones determined by your final rank.

Finally, using these Reforge Stones grants the reforged item a random bonus on your stats. These bonuses come from different families of bonuses, and the stones can be re-used.

Family Reforge Stones

Family Reforge Stones are divided into six families. Unlike Reforge Stones, which give random bonus attributes, Family Reforge Stones offer bonuses only from their respective families. The downside is that Family Reforge Stones are only obtainable by paying real money. You have to purchase 100 Eternal Orbs per Family Reforge Stone, which is heartbreaking.

The bonuses you get when reforging items with Family Reforge Stones are:

Barrier Stone Family Bonus

  • Damage to undead increases by 4.5% – 6%
  • Maximum Life increases by 0.8% – 1%
  • Damage taken from nearby enemies decreases by 1.5% – 2%
  • Block Chance increases by 1.5% – 2%
  • Fear resistance increases by 4.5% – 6%.

Jolt Stone Family Bonus

  • Damage taken from players reduces by 2.2% – 3%
  • Damage is taken while suffering the loss of control decreases by 3% – 4.0%
  • Cheat Death chance increases by 3% – 4%
  • Duration of beneficial effects increases by 3% – 4%.
  • Slow immunity chance increases by 4.5% – 6%.

Ravager Stone Family Bonus

  • Healing potion cooldown reduces by 1.5% – 2%
  • Life Regeneration increased by 0.8% – 1%
  • Damage to elite enemies increased by 4.5% – 6%
  • Damage done by your summons increases by 3% – 4%
  • Damage taken by your summons decreases by 3% – 4%.

Tremor Stone Family Bonus

  • Primary Attacks reduce enemy healing by 2.2% – 3%
  • Primary Attacks reduce enemy Attacks and Movement Speeds by 0.8% – 1%.
  • Continual damage taken reduced by 4.5% – 6%
  • Resistance to Stun increases by 4.5% – 6%
  • Resistance of Knock away increases by 4.5 – 6%

Vengeance Stone Family Bonus

  • Speed of Attack increases by 1.5% – 2%
  • Damage done to players increases by 4.5% – 6%
    Damage done to demons increases by 4.5% – 6%
  • Damage done to enemies suffering the loss of control increases by 3.8% – 5%
  • Damage done to shielded enemies increases by 4.5% – 6%

Wildfire Stone Family Bonus

  • Damage from Primary Attack increases by 3% – 4%
  • Damage from All Skill increases by 1.5% – 2%
  • Damage done to enemies below 30% Life increases by 3% – 4%
  • Chance of Critical Hit increases by 2.3% – 3%
  • On dying, heal party members for 1.5% – 2%

Moreover, you get extra bonuses after applying three bonus attributes of the same family to an item. You need to level up your gear to Rank 11 and 16 for one extra slot to do this. The bonuses are:

  • Wildfire Family: 2% chance to summon fireball spitting Hydra when you kill an enemy.
  • Vengeance Family: 2% chance of Primary attacks to increase damage done by you by 100% for 1 second.
  • Tremor Family: 2% chance to stun and damage nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds when using primary attacks.
  • Barrier Family: 2% chance of obtaining an absorption shield for 6 seconds when you are attacked.
  • Jolt Family: 2% chance of immobilizing your enemy when attacked.
  • Ravager Family: 2% chance to explode enemy corpse when you kill an enemy.

Performing a Reforge in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Reforge Stones

Once you have the required materials, Go to a Blacksmith and follow these steps:

  • Select Services and go to the Reforge option
  • From the Reforge tab, choose the item along with the bonus attributes you want to reforge
  • Select the Reforge Stones that you wish to use.
  • After Reforging, the screen will display the comparisons between the previous and the newly reforged items. You can opt to keep the new changes or reset it for a better choice.

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