The Quarry: How to Save Emma

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Here is how you can save Emma in The Quarry.

In the Quarry, it is possible to save all the characters in the game if you are careful. Since there are 189 different endings finding that perfect ending can be challenging. Especially when each character has their own life-threatening experiences in the game. So if you are wondering how to save Emma in the game, below we have made a complete guide on how to save Emma in The Quarry.

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How to Save Emma In The Quarry

Emma has a total of 3 near-death encounters where you have to make the right choices to keep her alive. Not just that, Emma can be cursed too if you are not careful like some other characters. Moreover, you can check out the complete breakdown of how to get past each death encounter she can have in the game.

First encounter: Island

The first dangerous encounter Emma faces in the game takes place after she finishes her swimming session with her boyfriend, Jacob. During her exploration of the island, Emma is underdressed and faces a choice to go to the treehouse via two routes. She returns to the island to upload the video of her swimming session with Jacob onto her channel.

Although both paths lead to the treehouse, the low road is a better choice than the stairs, as you can pick up clues along the way. Emma will have two options when she reaches the treehouse. She can either open the trapdoor or scour the bags. If she chooses to open the trapdoor, she will die in the hands of the werewolf.

On the other hand, exploring the bags will allow her to find clothing and defensive weapons such as a taser and pepper spray. With the help of the items from the pack, she can open the trapdoor and protect herself from danger. She will still need to run from the werewolf after opening the trapdoor. However, defensive weapons such as pepper spray help her escape the danger.

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Credit- Supermassive Games

Second Encounter: Hunters/Werewolf

Emma faces danger again after leaving the island and going to the forest. Firecrackers from the general store’s safe are an essential item to save Emma from this dangerous encounter. While it might be reasonable to think that flammable objects in the forest are risky, the thing will save Emma’s life, so players must collect the firecrackers from the Camp store.

Emma will meet with the two hunters, Jedediah and his son Bobby when she heads towards the lodge. She will have to either face off these two hunters or another werewolf. She can easily survive in either case by exploding the firecracker in the face of either enemy. The explosion will create an opportunity for Emma to flee the scene and save her life.

Third Encounter: Lodge

Emma’s final danger in the game is more complex than the previous two. You must ensure that many other counselors have survived until this stage for Emma to remain alive during this encounter.

A werewolf would begin his assault on the lodge. He would begin his attack by focussing on Kaitlyn and Dylan. If you played the game well and ensured the survival of the other counselors, such as Dylan, Kaitlyn, and Abigail, Emma and Abigail would be hiding inside a basement underneath the lodge.

Emma and Abigail will have the opportunity to climb the ladder and reach the office, provided it is undamaged by other counselors such as Dylan. They will have to go to Chris’s security room and watch Kaitlyn and Dylan with the help of the security cameras.

Kaitlyn will need to use the stuffed animal that Abigail had picked up earlier in the game to lure the werewolf into the freezer and lock him up. Upon locking the werewolf, everyone in the lodge will be safe, including Emma and Abigail in the office.

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