The Diofield Chronicle: How To Earn SP

Learn how to gather SP in The Diofield Chronicle and unlock all the best skills for your units.

SP or Skill Points in The Diofield Chronicle allows you to unlock new skills and abilities from the Skill Tree to use in battle. Hence SP is a vital resource, ensuring it keeps your units stronger and with newer abilities to help you win as you progress further into the game. In addition, it gives you more unique sets of options to choose from while planning out strategies.

But to earn SP or Skill Points in The Diofield Chronicles is not an easy task. Mainly because, unlike a lot of other resources in the game, you cannot grind for SP. It can become quite tricky since there are a couple of skill trees to use SPs on. So you may quickly find yourself running short of SPs when trying to unlock a certain skill you’ve been wanting.

Hence, this guide will outline how to earn SP in The Diofield Chronicle so that you know the ways to bag some of the precious Skill Points and become a master tactician.

Using SP in The Diofield Chronicle

The Diofield Chronicle earn SP, Skill Points
credits: Square Enix

As mentioned earlier, SP is used to upgrade and unlock new skills for your unit classes. This is done through Skill Trees.

To access the Skill Tree, you need to:

  • Use the right corridor at the entrance and head to the room with the Practice Table, Researchers, Mercenaries, etc. The Skill Tree book is also present here.
  • Interact with the Skill Tree Book present on the desk beside the Researchers.
  • Skill Tree menu pops up, where you can browse through Unit classes and their skills to unlock.

The Diofield Chronicle has 4 Skill Trees divided equally for each class. Furthermore, units with the same class share the same SP pool and Skill Tree. Therefore, unlocking a particular skill will allow you to use it for other units in the same class if the skill is not exclusive to certain weapons or characters. This sharing mechanic balances the small supply of SP.

Lastly, you also have the option to re-allocate all your skills for a Class if you change your mind about how you want skill points to be distributed or want a different set of abilities. To do this, select the Reset SP option from the Skill Tree menu. It costs 10,000G for each reset. So don’t do it too often, as money is also a valuable currency in the game. However, unlike SP, you can grind for it as much as you want.

Earning SP in The Diofield Chronicle

Complete Optional Objectives in Main Missions

The Diofield Chronicle how to earn SP
credits: Square Enix

The Diofield Chronicle offers a set of optional objectives to complete while doing a main story quest. This ranges from completing the mission within a given time, slaying a certain number of enemies, or keeping everyone alive. These side missions unlock various rewards, such as items, Guld, and, most importantly, SP. So check out for the optional objectives that at least reward you with SP and try to complete them.

Often it gets tough completing them due to difficult conditions, enemies, etc. Don’t get frustrated if you miss out on one of the SP rewards. You have the option to replay these completed missions in Practice Mode. Moreover, you can make use of this feature to complete missed optional objectives and earn yourself precious SPs. Practice Mode also helps you to train and strengthen your units and earn money. Hence, you can potentially complete the optional objectives with less difficulty while playing story quests.

To Access The Practice Mode:

  • Head to the room where the Institute is located.
  • Interact with the Practice Battle Table
  • A menu appears with all the unlocked Practice Battles with their details and rewards mentioned.
  • Choose any you like to play again.

Level Up Your Mercenary Unit Rank

SP or Skill Points are also obtained by leveling up your Mercenary Unit Rank. To do this, you need to complete the main story missions and upgrade Badge Ranks.

To earn and upgrade Badge Ranks, you must complete Sub Quests, given to you by different characters. Talk to different characters and take on the sub-quests they assign to unlock various Blue Fox Badges. These Blue Fox Badges consist of 5 different Rank Badges. Each of these Badges has special perks and benefits such as better items from stores, better deals from stores, stat boosts, better summons, and much more. So it’s well worth your time to upgrade Badge Ranks as well.

These Blue Fox Badge Ranks are:

  • Meal Rank
  • Skill Tree Rank
  • Shop Rank
  • Weapon Development Rank
  • Magilumic Orb Research Rank

As you complete sub-quests, the Ranks of these Badges increase and, in turn, increase your Mercenary Unit Rank (till a maximum of 9). Additionally, as your Mercenary Unit Rank increases, you earn SP in The Diofield Chronicle. Use them wisely to have the best combination of skills for your units in battle.

Besides SP, money is also a great asset in The Diofield Chronicle. So check out our money farming guide for The Diofield Chronicle.

Learn all about the Classes from our Class Guide for this game and how to recruit all the characters from our character guide.

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