The Diofield Chronicle: How to Earn Money Fast

Learn how to earn money quickly in The Diofield Chronicle from our money farming guide.

In Square Enix’s newest tactical RPG, The Diofield Chronicle, character stats, class, weapons, and armor are important factors in winning any battle. Likewise, another highly important asset you need in The Diofield Chronicle is money or Guld.

Guld is the currency in this game, and you need them to purchase weapons, accessories, armor, materials, upgrade Magilumic Orbs to summon powerful entities, and your base to increase your Mercenary Unit rank. So there is no doubt that money or Guld in The Diofield Chronicle is of utmost importance.

However, you may be short of money when you’re looking to buy a powerful weapon or item to aid you in battle. Furthermore, you may feel lost when looking for the most efficient way to earn money in The Diofield Chronicle. Finally, among many things to consider in this story-rich JRPG, you may easily forget about managing your treasuries.

Hence, this guide will outline how to earn and farm money/Guld in The Diofield Chronicle and where to invest your hard-earned coins. Unlike most RPG games, earning money in this game is actually quite easy and convenient.

Where to invest Guld?

Diofield Chronicle earn money, Gold farming
credits: Square Enix
  • Purchase items from shops: Use your Guld to buy stronger weapons, armor, accessories, and other items such as restoratives, buffs, etc. Strong weapons give you a huge advantage and require a lot of coins. Additionally, buying up attribute boosting and immunity-enabling accessories is wise.
  • Upgrade Magilumic Orbs: Magilumic Orbs are used to summon various legendary creatures to fight on your side, similar to Final Fantasy. Using Guld and other materials, you can upgrade Magilumic Orbs to increase the power of your summons.
  • Upgrade Base: You need money to buy new and powerful weapons and items. On the other hand, you need Badge Ranks to unlock more weapons, items, and skills to be acquired. Hence, it would help if you also spent Guld upgrading your Base facilities. This will increase Mercenary Unit Rank by leveling up your Badge Ranks. Additionally, upgrading Base facilities also strengthens your stats.

How and Where to Earn/Farm Money in The Diofield Chronicle

Completing Main Quests

Diofield Chronicle money farming
credits: Square Enix

You’ll usually earn money in The Diofield Chronicle by only playing through the main missions. But it will never be enough to meet your needs for brand-new shiny equipment and useful items. In fact, even playing through the main quest just for the story and experience will become difficult as enemies grow exponentially stronger. So to fully enjoy the experience, we suggest you play through sub-quests and farm Gulds whenever possible, in the ways mentioned below.

Complete Sub-Quests

Sub-quests, aka side-quests in The Diofield Chronicle, can bring in a lot of Guld depending on the type of the quest. Apart from money, you also get other rewards, so it’s always great to take up some Sub-Quests in every Chapter. Of course, the harder and deeper into the game, the better the rewards (including money) are. The downside is that you can get rewarded only once.

Replaying Practice Battles

Practice Battles is the quickest and best way to farm Guld in the game. Your past battles can be replayed as Practice Battles as often as you want. They allow you to earn money whenever you want to. Furthermore, replaying them lets you acquire rewards that you missed before.

Apart from monetary gain, replaying battles lets you train your units into stronger fighters.

Money rewards from Practice Battles range from hundreds of Gulds to hundreds of thousands. The best part is that the difficulty does not change the amount of Guld received. So you can play the most rewarding ones with the easiest difficulty to quickly collect funds for your party. Just turn on auto-battle with the fastest game speed, and the CPU takes care of everything. Otherwise, you can play on your own to get additional practice of the game’s mechanics.

Upgrading Rank Badge

Upgrading your base requires money. But as your Mercenary Unit Rank and Weapon Development Rank badge increase to level 3, you will gain 10% more Guld for completing missions.

Combine this perk with replaying missions repeatedly to maximize your cash output. The best part is that the increase in Rank applies to all units. Since the requirement is Rank Badge level 3, you can get this early in the game. Increasing Badge Ranks also makes your units more powerful.

To fight and win battles to get rewarded, you need to learn about the classes in the game. So check out all the classes and how to play them, learn about the many interesting characters from our The Diofield Chronicles Character guide, or check out the trophies and achievements from the game.

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