TFT Patch 12.3 Notes: New Changes, Release Date, and More

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Teamfight Tactics (TFT) patch 12.3 is going to rework Tome of Traits, introduce multiple balance updates, and more.

TFT set 6.5, Neon Nights mid-set update is just around the corner as we celebrate the Lunar Legend Festival Event. But before the biggest mid-season update, Riot already pushed a b-patch where they nerfed the “overpowered” Imperial trait, and there’s one more patch, patch 12.3, to conclude the Gizmos & Gadgets set.

Teamfight Tactics Lead Designer, Riot Mort, has now previewed the upcoming patch 12.3. Though it will be small compared to previous patches, it will include the Tome of Traits rework, massive Prismatic Crown and Soul augment changes, Runaan’s Hurricane nerfs, some minor augments and traits changes.

Here’s everything you need to know about early TFT Patch 12.3 Notes.

Release Date

TFT Patch 12.3 will go live on Wednesday, February 2, 2022.

Balance Update

Tome of Traits Rework

Tome of Traits rules for when it drops an Emblem that is “Tailored” (Meaning one of your active or inactive traits) has been changed to the following. Count your total active and inactive traits in the previous combat round.

  • 0-4 = 0 tailored emblems
  • 5-6 = 1 tailored emblem
  • 7-8 = 2 tailored emblems
  • 9-10 = 3 tailored emblems
  • 11+ = 4 tailored emblems

Prismatic Crown and Soul Augment Changes

Prismatic Crown and Soul augments are no longer offered as 2nd, or 3rd augment choices unless you have the first trait tier active (e.g., Arcanist 2 must be active to be offered Arcanist Crown). There are two exceptions:

  • You can be offered Mutant Crown with 2 Mutant in play
  • You can be offered Mercenary Crown with 2 Mercenary in play


Socialite – Buffed

  • Mana per second: 3 >>> 4

Bodyguard – Buffed

  • Armor: 75/150/250/450 >>> 80/160/250/450


Runnan’s Hurricane – Nerfed

  • AD Damage: 75% >>> 70%


Ancient Archives

  • Tier 2 >>> Tier 1

Exiles I and II

  • HP Shield: 35/50% >>> 30/45%

Shrug It Off (T1)

  • HP Regen pre sec: 3% >>> 2.5%

Sunfire Board (T2)

  • Duration: 8 >>> 10 sec

Thrill of the Hunt I & II

  • Heal on kill: 300/600 >>> 400/700

Underdogs (T1)

  • HP Regen per sec: 10% >>> 9%

High Roller (T3)

  • Bonus Gold: 4 >>> 8

Knife’s Edge II & III 

  • AD: 40/55 >>> 35/50

Mercenary Heart (T1)

  • No longer grants 1g

Socialite Heart (T1)

  • No longer grants 1g

Windfall (T3)

  • Gold: 15/30/45 >>> 18/30/45


  • Innovator Heart no longer incorrectly states that it grants a Singed
  • High End Shopping unit odds now reflect the Level 8 and Level 9 changes from Patch 12.2
  • Talon will no longer instantly kill units if his bleed triggers the Smoke Bomb augment on an enemy unit

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