Summoner’s Rift’s spooky new map change for the upcoming event leaked

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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According to a new leak, League of Legends Summoner’s Rift is getting a new temporary map change in the upcoming Ruination event.

Summoner’s Rift used to get map updates in the events like Snowdown and Arcade. However, Riot believed those map changes don’t last very long and often “lack depth”. And after the 2020 preseason changes, Riot didn’t even bring the Winter map in the 2021 preseason.

This eventually caused frustration among League of Legends players and on Riot’s defense, they said “Will we ever bring back snow back to the Rift? The answer is maybe, but we don’t have any plans to at the moment.” But they did mention that they might bring back temporary maps to support events.

Earlier this year, Riot Games released one of the most anticipated champions Viego, the Ruined King. And after the cinematic reveal, Riot mentioned that there will be more stories related to Viego that are coming in 2021.

Although it is still unclear when more lore related to Viego is coming out, a new leak has emerged that hints at the upcoming event that might be related to the Ruined King. The new leaked datamined files show that in the upcoming event likely be called the Ruination/Ruin event, League’s Summoner’s Rift is getting a temporary map change covered with Black Mist.

Baron and Dragon Pit Change:

New Jungle textures:

Base, Baron texture, and some unidentified objects:

It is already confirmed that Sentinel of Light is going to be League of Legends’ upcoming new champion who is also related to the Veigo’s lore. In the champion’s teaser, there was also an image that had a village covered with mist. And based on the new leaked makeover images, it is now pretty much confirmed that the Sentinel of Light is going to be released with this Ruination event.

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