Upcoming New Legendary Tank and Support Item in 2021: Release Date, Effects, and More

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Riot Games confirmed that there will be two new Legendary items: one for tanks and one for support, releasing in 2021.

League of Legends 2021 preseason was all about the new and updated Mythic and Legendary items. Riot introduced 23 Mythic items while adding a few dozen new and updated Legendary items. All these new items pretty much changed every champions’ build path and it also diversified the item choices.

Even though the preseason is more settled now and most of the players are already getting used to the new items, a lot of players have been complaining that some champions don’t have many item choices.

However now, in the latest dev post, League of Legends’ lead game designer Jeevun “Jag” Sidhu has confirmed that they are currently working on two new items and one heavily reworked one. The first new Legendary items will be for tanks while the second item will be an enchanter support item. Moreover, Riot will also rework Sanguine Blade in Season 11 as well.

New Legendary Tank Item

Release Date

According to Riot Jag, the new Legendary tank item will be released on the Summoner’s Rift this Summer 2021.

All the details we know so far

The upcoming new tank item will have a binding effect similar to Knight’s Vow and Zeke’s Convergence. But this time the twist is that instead of binding it to your allies you will be binding it to an enemy.

The new Legendary item grants damage reduction against just that targeted enemy, as well as a tenacity reduction aura against them if you’re close.

And judging from the new effect it seems, this item will be a must item for tank champions who are against a fed carry or want to shut down a heavy split pusher.

New Legendary Support Item

Release Date

Unlike the tank item, Riot is not sure about the Support item yet. However, there’s a chance that the new enchanter item will slip to the preseason release.

All the details we know so far

Enchanters have always struggled against a fed assassin or a fed champion. Even Riot said, “enchanters have been entirely defenseless when caught, making them exceptionally punishing to play when the enemy team has powerful aggressors.”

Therefore, in order to give them some sort of survivability, the new support item will give them burst resistance similar to Zhonya’s Hourglass. But the new item will have a much more “supportive bend”.

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