Stray: How to Get the Outsiders Notebooks

Stray is a game that has linear gameplay with some open-world sections. And you have to find four outsider notebooks in one of these open-world sections. Here are all the notebooks locations you need to find.

Stray is a game where you play as a cat. It is one of the more unique games that has come out in recent years. Since you are playing from a cat’s perspective, the game does a good job of making the world feel huge.

Stray has a story quest you progress through. And throughout your gameplay, you will find many new mechanics to spice things up. And one of the open world sections has you searching for four notebooks that are hidden.

The notebooks can be a bit tricky to find. So here is a guide on how to find all the Outsiders notebooks in Stary to progress Momo’s quest.

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All Outsiders Notebooks in Stray

There are four Outsider Notebooks in total you have to find. You can find all of them in the slums area since it is where the quest takes place. Here are all the locations of the Notebooks in Stray:

1. Momo’s Notebook

Momo’s Notebook is the easiest one to get. He is the one who sends you to hunt down all other notebooks. After entering the slum and talking to the guard, the guard will tell you to meet with Momo. Meeting with Momo will trigger the Outsiders Notebook hunting, and Momo will give you his Notebook.

2. Clementine’s Notebook

All the outsiders have a “:c” symbol on their building to make things easier for the player. So once you take on the quest from the Momo, you can find the symbol on the building right across your location.

You will find a damaged door inside the building marked with the symbol. Use the holes on the door to get inside a small room. The Notebook is in that room right by a computer.

3. Doc’s Notebook

Doc’s Notebook is in a Library above the Slums. To get to this library, go to the far-right side of the city and enter the apartment. In there, you will see some bookshelves around the room and a stack of books lying on the floor.

From there, you need to find a side room blocked by tall stacks of books. By hopping over the books, you can get into the room and get a safe key. While you get the key, it also mentions having a safe buried in the books.

The Notebook is inside this safe. So to find it, go to the middle row of the library and knock off all stacks of books to reveled the safe if it is not revealed already. Then use the key and grab the Notebook.

4. Zbaltazar’s Notebook

Zbaltazar’s Notebook is on the building that is right of Momo’s apartment. You need to enter the building through the roof. You will also find the “:c” symbol on this roof.

So make your way up to the roof, and you will see a vent shaft. If you look down on it, the blades will be moving. But you can disable the blades by pulling out the plug that is near the shaft.

After stopping the blade, get inside the apartment to find a stack of boxes on the floor. The Notebook is one of these boxes. Bump into the boxes to make them fall, then grab the Notebook when it is on the floor.

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