Stray: Complete List Of Chapters In The Game

One of the most extraordinary cat-adventure games is Stray, and it will be best if you clearly know the game’s chapters before playing so you can get a clear view of this beautiful game. This guide will show you the complete list of chapters in Stray.

Stray is a game filled with complete positivity and cuteness. In the game, you play as a third person, and it is your adventure to find the start cat’s family together with it. The world of Stray is full of robots and machines as well as viruses, and sometimes there are horrifying enemy attacks from Zurks.

In the game, there are chapters divided into different gaming environments. So you can get the whole experience of this fantastic adventure of the cat trying to reunite with its family.

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chapters in stray
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How Many Chapters Are There in Stray?

In Stray, you will play as the cat. You have to gather resources and various objects to find the cat’s family. Also, you have to fight with the enemies. The resources and gaming objects change from chapter to chapter; it gets interesting only. Anyway, there are in total of 12 chapters in the game.

All Chapters

All the 12 chapters in Stary will barely take 7.5 hours to complete. This is because the chapters are very well designed. You will have to gather collectibles, and there are also trophies for you in the game. Moreover, players will have to complete puzzles to advance their game.

The 12 chapters are:

  1. Inside the Wall
  2. Dead City
  3. The Flat
  4. The Slums
  5. Rooftops
  6. The Slums Part 2
  7. Dead End
  8. The Sewers
  9. Antvillage
  10. Midtown
  11. Jail
  12. Control Room

This is the complete list of the chapters in Stray. We wish you the best of luck!

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