Stray: How Long It Takes to Beat The Game

Wondering how long it will take and how many times that hour stick gonna complete its round while playing Stray? Spend less than 2 minutes to find out.

Imagine solving mysteries, running from street to street, jumping on obstacles, and landing on your four soft plushie paws. Wait a minute, what are we talking about?

From today, play as a stray cat in a dystopia that is actually the Night City from Cyberpunk. Precisely better than the original Cyberpunk, I will tell you. Go on a quest from when you were separated from your family to solve a mystery that has embraced the cybercity to the bone.

Now there is a question that arises whenever something new hits the market. How long should I stare at the screen? I mean, like, come on, enjoy it first. Even I don’t have a clear idea about this (it took four and half hours). Let’s hop in to explore more about this.

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How long does it take to beat Stray?

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This depends on your playstyle, your class, or office hour. Moreover, it also depends on how your HR is. Leave it at that. There are side activities like earning all the trophies or achievements, restoring the long-lost memory of B-12, and many more.

Say you want to experience the mainstream. That sums up as watching the Irishmen 2 times. Oh, you want the European measure? In that sense, it will take around 6 hours. Add half an hour more for backup. Who knows what shiny thing on the street kept you running for half an hour?

Now, if we are talking about keeping no stone unturned, it will take more than 10 hours. We are talking about collecting all the trophies here. So, there it is.

There is a total of 12 chapters in the game. Not like each of them are of the same length. The longest chapter is Midtown, where your literal mission is to roam and make you feel like that cat-est cat ever. However, The Sewers is the shortest chapter here.

There is a plus point in Stray. You can replay every chapter once you have finished them. Say, you are disappointed that you did not follow that laser light for enough time. Devs ensured it that we leave with no regret. Though, I suggest completing the mainstream at one seat and then going for that laser light later. What are they gonna do, turn it off? Pff.

There you go, fellow Neko. Search for what you have lost, search for what is meant to be yours, and search where you are destined to be. Moreover, now you know how long it will take to beat the whole game. Prost!

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