Stray: Paper Bag Location

Stary is filled with cat things you can do. For example, one of the things you can do is putting a paper bag on your head. Here is the location you can do that.

Stary is a game where you play as a cat in fairly linear levels. Some of the levels have a bit of open world structure, but it plays mostly like a linear experience. The game does a pretty good job of conveying the larger world from the point of a cat.

Stray is a relaxing game with light puzzle solving. The game favors new mechanics instead of using the old ones repeatedly. But, just like a cat, the game has a silly side, from scratching carpets to knocking things over.

One of these cat-like things is getting a bag stuck on your head. But first, you have to find a paper bag to do so. Here is where you can find a paper bag in Stray.

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Paper Bag Location in Stray

Paper Bag is an item that you can get on your cat’s head. You will also get a trophy for doing it. So if you are hunting for trophies, it is a must. But even if you are not hunting trophies, it is a fun thing to do.

There are several locations you can find a Paper Bag lying around. But the easiest is located at the Slums level. It is effortlessly reachable from the starting point of the level.

You will be visiting the slums twice throughout the story. So you need to get the bag within these two times. If you miss it, you need to replay it to get the bag and thus the trophy.

After reaching the slums level, interact with a guard robot and call off the alarm. At this point, you will be able to roam around the level freely. Thus, you are free to explore and find the paper bag you are looking for.

Paper bag location in Stray
Credit: Annapurna Interactive

To find the paper bag, go to the alleyway on the left. There you will find a musician sitting behind a shop sign. The bag is right after the musician and the shop sign. Walk up to the bag and press the button to get it on your head and complete the achievement.

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